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Russian S-400 tricked by a British anti-radar missile

Russian S-400 tricked by the use of British anti-radar missiles.

A few hours ago, a number of information resources reported the discovery of the wreckage of the British ALARM anti-radar missile in the Iraqi province of Anbar, which was supposed to be used to launch missile strikes across Syria. The use of missiles of this type provided an opportunity for effective destruction of targets under the supervision of Russian air defense systems, however, this could also mean that due to the special purpose of this missile, it was able to successfully deceive the Russian S-400 and Syrian S-300.

Also, according to sources, we can talk about the wreckage of a rocket, which was used in the early 2000s.

“The Iraqi military found a British rocket. While patrolling the border area with Syria and Jordan, Iraqi border guards discovered the engine of the British anti-radar missile ALARM. He was found 6 km from the Mursanat air base in Anbar province in western Iraq. The Iraqi military believes this is an “echo of war” in 2003, when the British Royal Air Force attacked Iraq’s radars in the area (Mursanat airbases, H-2 and H-3) ”, says Directorate 4.

Nevertheless, given the state of the rocket, as well as regular attacks on the territory of Syria, experts believe that we are talking about the wreckage of a rocket that was used relatively recently, especially since British fighters are regularly observed in this area of ​​Iraq.

I’m wondering, should a radar missile be used to destroy radars, even though I haven’t heard about the destruction of radars in Iraq, does the Taliban have radars? or igil? Against whom could this rocket be used. Iraq has a c300 and a c400 ... did I miss something? border crossing Syria Iraq and Jordan there were air defense systems? All systems c300 and c400 are concentrated in the coast, Damascus and Russian bases. There is desert there is nothing to bomb with these missiles. Even a bunch of inconsistencies. Something nonsense. If this rocket flew so far from these targets, then it was she who was deceived.

s-400 garbage can

Guys, don’t get angry. This is Taiwanese Americanoid edition. What else can they write?

They brought her there and laid them down neatly, it’s obvious that then they would ring the whole world that the C400 had deceived. But as Zadornov said, "they are stupid," they could not even do this reliably.

Who and for whom it writes. Anti-radar missile is intended only for the destruction of radars, otherwise it does not work. If there is no padded locator nearby, the missile has not completed the task.

author, anti-radar missile because it is anti-radar, because it is fired at the locator and it is aimed at the locator and it hits him and if there is no locator in the fragment of the missile, it means it wasn’t aimed or it was shot down, and the S-400 is not in Iraq and there’s no need to pick out fried news from the nose, all the same it’s green snot at the exit.

Well, it’s necessary to steal something about "piiii .." ))) If only it looked "believable !!!" ; D; D; D

Deceived and did not arrive.

On this occasion (deceiving our air defense systems), an old Soviet joke is recalled.

A policeman is walking along the street, he suddenly sees that a drunk is casting at the fence.

- Citizen, what are you doing ?! - says the drunken cop. - Clean and stop immediately.

The drunk obediently puts the pipison in his pants and begins to laugh.

“What are you laughing at, citizen?” - asks the cop.

- And I removed - removed, - the drunk answers, - and did not stop stopping!

They write all nonsense just to belittle our weapons and what does our S-400 have to do with it, who shot or shoots at us, the author?

She so cheated that she ended up in Iraq ...

Neatly so lies, and not to see traces of a fall nearby.

And it didn’t occur to the author of the article that it was the wreckage of a missile defense that had been shot down?


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