Russian VKS effectively destroyed Turkish tanks. Video

Russian aviation struck a column of terrorists in Turkish tanks.

A column of M60 tanks, previously delivered from Turkey, was destroyed several hours ago by a series of powerful strikes by the Russian airborne forces near the city of Banish, while trying to counterattack the position of the SAA in the east of Idlib province. As a result of the powerful bombing, in which, according to some sources, the Syrian Air Force also took part, terrorists lost more than 60% of armored vehicles, in particular, at least six destroyed tanks, four armored personnel carriers and two trucks were reported.

On the presented video frames you can see that we are talking about really powerful air strikes inflicted on the head of a column of military equipment, closing and its central part, which caused great losses among jihadists.

According to some reports, the equipment was sent to the front and it was supposed to be used to carry out attacks on the positions of the SAA, however, obviously, now the militants will not be able to take any action against the Syrian army, although over the past two days the militants managed to take control of the city of Nairab in Idlib and closely go to Sarakib.

According to some reports, over the past 17 days, the total losses of Turkish armored vehicles in Syria have already reached 150 units, including tanks, armored personnel carriers, MLRS facilities, etc., while Russia is actively helping the Syrian military to destroy entire military convoys.

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