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Russian supersonic “Ball” offered to shut the Turkish “gate” in the Bosphorus for NATO ships

Russia is ready to drown everything that floats badly from the Mediterranean Sea.

Russia may begin to sink foreign warships as soon as the latter pass through the Bosphorus and try to head for the Russian borders from the Mediterranean Sea. We are talking about supersonic anti-ship missiles BRK "Ball", which can slam the "gate" in the territorial waters of Turkey.

According to the military observer of the TASS news agency, closing the gate to the Black Sea is possible in just a few minutes, and foreign warships simply can’t oppose anything to Russian missiles.

“You can start at least with the fact that anti-ship missiles“ Basalt ”of the cruiser“ Marshal Ustinov ”fly 500 km. The Black Sea is an unsuitable landfill for them. The ship is capable of closing the “gate” to the sea from the Bosporus Strait from the Sevastopol raid. Therefore, the Black Sea Fleet cruiser Moscow, similar to Ustinov, went to the Indian Ocean, where there is more space and fewer ships. Today, the Bal and Bastion coastal mobile complexes have also been added to it. The first includes X-35 cruise missiles with a range of 300 km. The second one has supersonic Onyx flying for 500 km. They reach the gate in a few minutes. ”- said Victor Litovkin.

At the same time, such actions will not be an act of aggression, however, they will seriously complicate NATO’s attempt to send its ships to the southern borders of Russia.

What a nightmare and not an article by a military expert in TASS ... The Kh-35 of the Ball complex is subsonic and does not fly 300 km (less). Onyx can fly from 300 to 500, depending on the flight mission. If you need to overcome the air defense of the ship, then the missile is reduced to enter the air defense zone and flies at an extremely low altitude, which reduces the maximum range of use. The P-500 Basalt has long been withdrawn from service, on all Atlantes there is a P-1000 Volcano and it is flying not at 500, but up to 1000 km.

Before and Russian tentacles it’s time to chop, so as not to climb where they do not ask

It is high time! Enough to endure hordes of cockroaches crawling through the cracks and trying to dictate something! Let them dictate and do not scamper into foreign territories with their own charter!


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