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Russian fighter intercepted American strategic bomber B-52

The American B-52 bomber, which attempted to approach the borders of Russia, was intercepted.

On the eve of the day it became known that US strategic bomber B-52H Stratofortress (according to other sources - two bomber - approx. Ed.), simulated another blow to the territory of Russia, approaching a distance of about 100 kilometers to the borders of the airspace of Russia. Nevertheless, the “Telegram” channel “Fighterbomber” laid out an interesting photo, which captures the very bomber from the cockpit of the Russian fighter.

“B-52H AirForce USA. See, know, lead, - the channel reported, having laid out a photograph of the B-52H Stratofortress bomber under these words.

There is no direct indication of the fact that we are talking specifically about intercepting the American strategic bomber, but experts were alarmed by the fact that the American B-52H Stratofortress is “leading.”

It is likely that the Russian fighter could fly to escort an American aircraft, which really approached the borders of the Russian Federation at a minimum distance, especially since this is the third such incident in the past week.

It should be clarified that in the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation the approach of the American B-52H Stratofortress to the borders of Russia has not yet been commented.