Russian Ka-52 "Alligator" was purely paid to the American "Apache". Video

The Russian Ka-52 Alligator combat helicopter left the American AH-64 Apache no chance.

Despite the fact that in the United States they consider the Apache helicopter to be the best combat rotorcraft in the world, the crew of the Russian Ka-52 Alligator helicopter has demonstrated such superior command and control skills that the American helicopter has no chance to demonstrate that either exciting.

As part of the aerobatics demonstration, the crew of the Russian All-Ka attack helicopter Ka-52 showed unprecedented skill, which should include the “funnel”, “hill” and lifting the tail up - not a single foreign combat helicopter is capable of this.

“The crew of the Ka-52 Alligator attack helicopter performed in the sky figures of complex low-speed aerobatics at an extremely low altitude. Lifting “tail” up is not able to perform any other helicopter in the world. The crew found a target on the ground, after which it began to move in a circle, holding the "enemy" in sight. This figure is called a "funnel." A flight with a sharp climb is a "slide", but not simple, but sideways at a speed of 90 kilometers per hour. "- reports the channel "Star"

According to experts, the already outdated American AH-64 Apache has nothing to oppose to the Russian combat vehicle.

“To put it in a simple and understandable language, the Russian“ Alligator ”cleanly paid the American“ Apache ”, showing such a thing that not a single foreign“ drummer ”is capable of. That is why interest in Russian helicopters is constantly growing. ”, - the expert marks.

Maybe enough to refute the laws of aerodynamics? They are the same for everyone. We did the same with the Robinson helicopter.

If that Americans have never denied that Russian helicopters are better. And here, they did it right away)))) the clown wrote, who knows nothing.

And where is the "dead loop" performed by Apache?


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