Russian C-500 will be the most unpleasant surprise for the West

If the Russian C-300 scares NATO, then the C-500 will become the epitome of horror.

Despite statements by Russian politician Vladimir Zhirinovsky that the C-700 anti-aircraft missile systems are already in service with the Russian army, analysts believe that the Prometheus C-500, tested in Russia, will be a much more unpleasant surprise for the West. already underway.

Until recently, the United States of America urged not to pay attention to Russian weapons. However, after the delivery of the C-300 "Favorite" anti-aircraft missile systems to Syria, Israel, the United States and NATO member countries declared that such actions by Russia are becoming a serious problem. Sale to the allies of Russia anti-aircraft missile systems C-400 "Triumph", forced the United States to impose sanctions against countries acquiring these weapons. Nevertheless, analysts believe that with the advent of the Prometheus C-500 air defense system, the situation will change radically, since these air defense and anti-missile defense systems, which can be put into service as early as the 2019 year, have much more power and can hit air targets at distances up to 600 kilometers.

“If the Russian C-300, developed, by the way, almost 50 years ago, still scares the whole world, the appearance of the Russian Prometheus will be a real horror for the West. This allows you to hit any air targets at a great distance, not to mention the reliable protection against ballistic missiles ", - the expert marks.