Laser weapons


The Russian "superweapon" is seen transported by rail

The Russian laser complex Peresvet is seen transported by rail.

Today in the afternoon one of the users of the Network posted photos showing the transportation of the newest Russian laser system "Peresvet" through railway transport. Where exactly the Russian laser complex is directed, so far it remains unknown, but experts have not ruled out that it is being transported to the eastern borders of Russia.

The users, in turn, were indignant at the fact of transportation of the unique laser complex "Peresvet" without proper masking and the very fact of transportation of the exact laser equipment by railway transport.

"A laser complex of several million dollars was not covered with a piece of tarpaulin for several thousand rubles. Welcome to Russia!", - complains one of the users of the Network.

"The military in general understand that laser weapons are not only accurate and powerful, but also fragile and unstable to vibrations. Do not be surprised if it later turns out that "Peresvet" has become unusable, "- said another commentator.

According to experts, the Russian laser complex "Peresvet" can take part in the ongoing military maneuvers "Vostok-2018".

Long live "Peresvet" !!!