War plane


Syria can become a country impregnable for missiles and airplanes

Updating Syrian air defense systems will make this country one of the strongest in the region.

The deployment of missile and air strikes on the territory of Syria has not produced the desired effect, which is emphasized by both Russian and independent experts. Most of the missiles were destroyed during the approach to the targets, and the means of combat aviation of the United States, Britain and France did not dare to enter Syrian airspace due to the danger of being destroyed instantly.

Nevertheless, according to the information provided by the Euronews news agency, in the near future Russia will help Syria update already obsolete and physically worn air defense systems, which, according to analysts, will make Syria impregnable for military aircraft.

“Even the outdated Soviet-made air defense systems frightened the US, British and French Air Force commanders so much that they did not dare approach the borders of Syria’s airspace. What can we say about if ultra-modern anti-aircraft complexes will appear in service with Syria, capable of serving the flight of enemy combat aircraft even from the moment of their ascent into the air?, - experts comment on this news.

In turn, it is important to take into account that no official statements were made by Russia on this matter, although Syria's armament and ensuring its inaccessibility is an important and priority task.

The most important thing is not where they will go, but what they really amazes - with what accuracy? Are you sure that all the missiles flew to Syria? Is there at least one proof of defeat? So with S-400, and with 300 - where at least one fact of the defeat of this air defense flying machine? And we believe in the media, do not respect yourself!

Kisa, these complexes are becoming obsolete, they have been hardened so much, my mother does not grieve, only in Ukraine there are dozens of regiments, than just lying around in warehouses, let them do business in Syria. Soon the first C-300 will be thirty years old.

If you want not to, but when such a fight broke out, you need to supply Syria with modern air defense and other weapons

I'm afraid that after such a "successful" bombardment, you can not see the Yusam of Syrian oil, with 300 for this, they put it mainly for Iranian grandmothers, 20% of the loan amount from us. Iraq already asks for them, although there is now a propendos sitting there. India about the americkies f35 has stopped, China suddenly praises our planes, there are more and more voices in the EU about lifting sanctions and starting a dialogue, etc. If the pendosnya remains in the ass (this I vanguyu, well, och hotstsa), the tramp will hang for his faberge on the torch of the statue of freedom.

My version about where the money comes from, Zin?
Oil costs $ 60 - 70 per barrel, and in the budget, as far as I remember, laid 40. Zanachka from BB is obtained, be healthy!

Russia will supply Syria with modern air defense, when there will be only ruins from Syria. As a result of the war in Syria, the US will receive oil and gas fields, and Russia - ruins and Syrian debts.

So after all, they will not appear ... As long as Putin has Israel as the best friend, no matter how good countermeasures we have, they will not be delivered to Syria. For example, the NATO country of Turkey, after it shot down our plane, Putin promised to deliver C -400, and for our money, as well as to build in Akkuyu nuclear power plant for our 20 billion dollars, but to put our real partners-Iran and Syria St.-Petersburg does not want it, because it always looks around - and what say the US, but what will Israel say? He also betrayed the Donbas, and now he tries to thrust it into Ukraine. And while Putin will "celebrate the coward", no matter how good a weapon Russia has, there will be no political will for anything. Putin does not even need little finger I. Stalin, although under Stalin, he would not have lived for three days with such a treacherous policy.

And let's take Syria as part of Russia. Who agrees?

listened to this nonsense. go to the distance of a missile shot (calibers hit from Russia) fly unnoticed (5-10 meters above the water flies) to detect the aircraft carrier easily from the satellite. machine numbers are read. filmed a movie amateur!

Where does Russia have money for air defense ??? Ay !!! Russians will soon have nothing to eat, but we give away Assad and the rest. Very patriotic

Of course it is necessary to change - we will make the region independent of the USA

5 years of the United States and pr.block and bomb, which prevented us from upgrading Syria's pvos to us before and now ???