Chemical attack


Syrian jihadists are going to use chemical weapons

Syrian militants are preparing to use chemical weapons

Residents of the Syrian province of Idlib, who managed to escape into the territory controlled by the Syrian government troops, said that the militants of the terrorist organization Hayat Tahrir Al-Sham (banned in the Russian Federation - Ed.) (Formerly Dzhebhat al-Nusra) ( banned in the Russian Federation - ed.), establishing full control over the territory of the province, are prepared for provocations with the use of chemical poisonous substances.These are prohibited chemical weapons that are used when the armed forces of Syria attack.

In thirty settlements located near the Idlib zone, militants, with the help of specialists who arrived there from Europe via Turkey, equipped storage places for toxic substances.

Part of the storage facilities for the weapons are located in the humanitarian corridor, near the settlement of Abu-Ed-Dukhun, as well as at the checkpoint located near the Morek village. At least five warehouses with agents are arranged at Turkish posts.

In the Indlib de-escalation zone, terrorists are preparing to simulate a chemical attack by the Syrian government forces, which will cause a massive civilian death.

As reported by the Syrians, who escaped to the territory controlled by government troops, White Helmets, who call themselves “Civil Self-Defense”, participate in the construction of warehouses for chemical weapons and preparation for the reenactment.

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