Syrian troops intercepted the US military, approaching the Russian military air base

US forces tried to approach the Russian military air base, but were intercepted by the Syrian army.

A few hours ago it became known that a small group of American soldiers traveling on armored vehicles tried to approach a Russian military airfield with combat aircraft and Russian airborne helicopters, as well as air defense systems. However, when approaching, the Syrian military quickly fired, intercepting an American military patrol, forcing the troops to turn around and leave the region.

"The Syrian army intercepted a US military convoy in the province of Kamyshly", - the network "Rojava Network" reports.

According to a number of other sources, the Syrian military quickly arrived in the area of ​​movement of the American military convoy, blocked the highway and, threatened with the use of weapons, stopped the American military patrol, forcing the latter to turn around and leave for the eastern part of the Arab Republic.

It should be clarified that this is not the first time that the US military is trying to get closer to the Russian military airbase in the city of Kamyshly, however, in all episodes, columns of American equipment were successfully intercepted, although the motives for US behavior are still unknown, which, however, does not exclude the likelihood that the United States is trying to justify another block post in the region to block the movement of Russian military equipment.

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