VCS of Russia in Syria


Hundreds of militants surrendered, unable to withstand air strikes

The northern suburb of Homs is completely taken under the control of the Syrian troops.

Despite the fact that previously most of the militants who held the northern suburbs of the Syrian Homs decided to leave this enclave, having folded their arms, some areas continued to offer fierce resistance to the Syrian troops. After the beginning of massive bombings, in which mainly Russian military security services took part, radical Islamists decided to capitulate and unconditionally release Syrian government troops to the controlled territory.

At the moment, it is known that under the control of the Syrian government forces, all the settlements in this region are taken, however, due to the strongest bombardment, from virtually all settlements there is practically nothing left.

"The militants did not resist the power of the Russian military aircraft, which greatly simplified the process of freeing Syrian territory from illegal bandit formations. Now there are two options for promoting the Syrian forces - the northern direction, the area of ​​Al-Latamina, and the south-western, suburb of Damascus. In the liberation of these areas, the Russian military security services will take a major part, effectively destroying the positions of militants, which enables the Syrian government forces to move unchecked ", - the expert marks.

Military analysts reasonably believe that the primary task will be the liberation of the southern suburb of Damascus from the terrorists of the Islamic State group (the activity is officially banned in the territory of the Russian Federation - ed.). In fact, it is about striking at an area of ​​2 square kilometers, and given the weak position of the terrorists, only a few powerful aircraft can be decisive.

Recently, the Syrian Air Force also began to apply air guns to the positions of militants and terrorists, but the main force is still the Russian VCS grouping, which includes multi-role fighters and bombers.

It should be clarified that since the beginning of this year, Syrian government forces have managed to take control of a large part of the territory of Syria