US and Israel reported on “successful” strikes on C-400

Israel and the United States conducted secret drills to destroy C-400 supplied to Turkey.

Despite the fact that Turkey is an important strategic ally of the United States, the publication AIR International published a material in which it is reported that in April of this year, Israeli and American warplanes worked on striking the territory of this country. The key target was the Russian A-400 "Triumph", which, by the way, Turkey received just now.

As follows from the presented material, the American and Israeli aircraft have worked out a method of delivering air strikes from the zone of destruction of the C-400 anti-aircraft missile systems, which were simulated by the C-300 anti-aircraft missiles that are in service with Greece. Moreover, the defeat of the C-300PMU-1 air defense systems was also worked out, which obviously concerns first of all Iran and Syria.

Nevertheless, according to experts, such a “working out” has nothing to do with reality.

“Comparing the Soviet C-300 systems with the Russian C-300PMU-1 and C-400, is the same as comparing a Wright brothers plane and a modern fighter in aerial combat. Post-Soviet air defense systems are fundamentally different from those that were put into service with Greece, and not only by the range of targets they hit, but also by a completely different airspace scanning system. It’s stupid to talk about the success of C-400 positions without possessing data on the characteristics and capabilities of these complexes. ”, - the expert marks.

It should be clarified that Turkey has so far not responded to the information that has appeared, however, obviously, this will seriously worsen relations with the United States.

When friends are in the USA, then there is no need for enemies, because the US has only a dollar as a friend, and for his sake the ability in the dirty tricks of EVERYONE is simply endless.