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It became known about the US provocation with an air base near the borders of Russia

The United States is preparing a very serious provocation near the borders of Russia.

According to Western and Russian news agencies, Washington is preparing a very serious provocation near the Russian borders with an air base, forcing Russia to take countermeasures, which threatens new conflicts in the region.

“Many Western experts say that the appearance of the US Air Force in Norway could result in a reaction from the Russian Federation. These positions are very important to the US military, as they are of strategic importance. The situation can be complicated only by the route of movement of the submarines of the Russian Federation, passing several tens of kilometers from the territorial unit. Norwegian authorities should prepare for the fact that Russia will respond to the deployment of US troops. Russia may begin to conduct exercises more often in the Norwegian Sea. This will provoke a similar reaction from NATO. As a result, we can witness a new semblance of the Cold War, when two superpowers will demonstrate their strength ”- reports the publication "Actual News".

Experts assess the actions of the United States as a very serious provocation, and believe that Russia can take much more serious countermeasures, for example, through the deployment of electronic warfare systems and their constant impact on radars of a new base or through complete jamming of navigation systems in this area

The Russians harness for a long time, but then drive quickly. Let them read the words of the Kaiser of Germany at the end of the last century: "Never go to Russia ..." - this is in brief. There are a lot of instructive words for those who are near here.


Learn the story. We are so "screwed up" that we have formed the largest state in the world with the greatest diversity of peoples and nationalities. And your beloved West, behind yapping at us, is trying to hide its inferiority and the mass of defeats and failures. Let it puff up - it will burst soon!

Actually it is! The Americans have a short memory, but they must remember the incident in the Black Sea on February 12, 1988, when two Soviet watchmen, Bezavezhetny and SKR-6, drove out two American ships, the cruiser Yorktown and the destroyer Karon, while the cruiser received significant damage! Well, if you forgot, you can recall how with “Donald Cook” in the same Black Sea!

Everyone has already known for a long time that there is an old western fun to get together once a hundred years and get n * health from the Russians, and to keep your tail silent for another 100 years!
1812, 1914-1918, 1939-1945, nothing was taught to the world.

don’t underestimate the Russians. We have incredible patience. But if they take them to the extreme, they’ll slap along the breadbox, it won’t seem enough.

Therefore, probably the West provoking each time gets horns and falls silent for several decades, without studying the results of the past, we do not recommend starting over again. Try to live peacefully with your neighbors.

Is this when the Russians screwed up? Oh, who screwed up so it’s bloomers under the strict guidance of amers.

Russian as always screwed up and give in, because. their mentality is “saved” according to Christianity at all costs, but the West always does what it wants at all costs! Russia has no chance.

Not a respected banderlog, apparently you have a pre-war psychosis and alarmism that ignore your master? Well, well, we'll meet, prepare spare diapers!

Grandosos bastard, they recognized you, change the training manual too primitively.

The closer Putin’s term, the more such information will be

Tired, do not read. You might think that you are dragged here by the ears.

almar, what do you smoke?


How tired of this military psychosis. Yes, in addition to concerns and protests, you can at least do something. Destroyed the army and sit with your tail tucked up. These are not your partners, but your owners, and you are lackeys. It was only the press that miraculously restored the army. There is nothing new and cannot be when industry is destroyed.


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