Rocket Dagger


It has become known about the leakage of secret data about "Daggers" and "Vanguards" to Belgium

The media reported a leak of information about the Russian hypersonic weapon in Belgium.

In fact leaks of secret data on the Russian hypersonic armament, several persons were detained. We are talking about an employee of TsNIIMash Viktor Kudryavtsev, who was detained last year, as well as Roman Kovalyov, who was detained on suspicion of high treason in June of this year. As it turned out, the information about top-secret Russian developments was transferred to Belgium.

“The most notorious incident in Roskosmos was the arrest of TsNIIMash employee Viktor Kudryavtsev in the summer of 2018 of the year. According to investigators, he sent to the Fon-Karman Institute of Hydrodynamics (Belgium) secret data about hypersonic technologies involved in the Avangard and Dagger combat missile systems. In June 2019, the scientist Roman Kovalev was arrested. He is also suspected of treason, - reports channel "TsarGrad».

Earlier, insiders have already published data that secret information was sent to Europe, but no specific country was called.

Remarkable is the fact that after a series of scandals about leaks of secret information, in Europe they unexpectedly declared that scientists “Development of a hypersonic weapon of the similar“ Dagger ”and“ Avant-garde ”has begun”.

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