Plane premiere of Bulgaria


Technical malfunction of the chassis, caused the emergency landing of the Bulgarian Prime Minister's aircraft

Plane Bulgarian prime minister made an emergency landing at Varna.

The incident with the plane of the Prime Minister of Bulgaria took place the day before, at the same time, the press service of the Government Information Agency it became known that as a result of the emergency itself Boyko Borisov was hurt. There are no official comment on the account of what happened on the current state of emergency has been reported, however, the wording of our information portal, from some sources it became known that the culprit was a technical fault with the aircraft landing gear.

It should be clarified that last year this was not the first case that occurred with the aircraft of the Prime Minister of Bulgaria - earlier, at the beginning of this year, the passenger aircraft Boyko Borisov revealed similar technical problems.

Experts suggest that the incident with the plane of the Prime Minister of Bulgaria can be linked to inadequate technical quality and service of aircraft.

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