Turkish F-16 attacked the Russian Su-34. Video

The Russian Su-34 fighter-bomber was attacked by the Turkish air defense system.

The video recording depicting the chaotic wagging of the Russian 4 ++ Su-34 generation fighter-bomber proves the fact that, contrary to the agreements between Russia and Turkey, the Turkish military used their medium-range air defense systems or fighters in order to bring down a Russian combat aircraft.

“When the Su-34 shoots down false targets and maneuvers like in the video, this is not very good. The launch of MANPADS can only be detected visually by the crew, or someone will tell him on the radio, but we will not see the launch in the video. This means that the electronic countermeasures system has detected irradiation at a certain frequency, a certain time, which is identified as taking an airplane for auto tracking, which is likely to end with a missile launch. Or, in general, the rapprochement line has already worked, which means that the car considered that the launch on the plane had already been made. I will translate into Russian. This is a 99% probability of not MANPADS, it’s a much more serious radar system that works on the plane. Or fighters, or SAMs. Fleas have neither one nor the other. And who has a rhetorical question. Moreover, what exactly works is determined reliably by Khibiny ”, says the popular Fighterbomber user.

Considering the fact that this area is located at a relatively large distance from the Turkish borders, experts do not exclude that Turkey could use its medium-range air defense for this, or, most likely, F-16 fighters, which have the ability to detect enemy aircraft at long distances.

If we are really talking about a collision with Turkish F-16s, then this is one of the first cases when a Russian combat aircraft was shot at by other combat aircraft over Syrian territory.

There are no official comments from Russia on this subject yet.

False thermal targets (heat traps) are used to counter missiles with an infrared homing head. These are MANPADS or short-range air-to-air missiles. There are no Turkish fighters over Idlib (no-fly zone), it is useless to shoot a short-range missile from Turkish airspace - it won’t get it. From anti-aircraft missiles, guided by radar, shooting traps will not save. Therefore, there was either shelling from MANPADS, or it happened a long time ago and not over Idlib.

That is, so far this is all nothing more than speculation ...

This picture has long been shown

So we still communicate peacefully with Turkey or already a full-blown war, judging by the reaction of our media. It’s indecent to write about your ally, as a fierce enemy, they may not understand correctly

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