Neptune rocket launch


Ukraine has tested missiles that can reach the Crimea

In Ukraine, they reported on the successful trials of the Neptun missiles capable of reaching the Crimea.

According to the data that appeared, Ukraine successfully tested its Neptune cruise missiles, launching 8 launches and hitting all of the selected targets. According to the Ukrainian side, all this indicates that the newest missiles can be adopted by the country and use them to repel external aggression.

It is reported that 8 cruise missiles "Neptune", which is a Ukrainian development, created on the basis of the Soviet X-35 rocket, successfully hit the selected targets at a distance of about 280 kilometers. In fact, the missiles created by Ukraine represent a rather large threat to the Crimea, since they reach the Russian peninsula quite well, which is especially acute during the period of confrontation between the two states and against the background of martial law introduced by Ukraine.

It is known that missile launches were made not far from Odessa, however, it is not reported about when exactly Ukraine carried out missile tests.

In addition to testing the Neptun cruise missiles, Ukraine also conducted missile firing at the C-125 С2А air defense missile system, which also successfully hit targets set at a distance of several tens of kilometers from the launch site.

Kohl, as practice has shown in Syria, only 70% of missiles get off, so from the 10 launched, at least 3 will fly ... Another thing is that we should deploy our missiles in the direction of Kaklov, and then Poroshenko will not risk

Yes, we do not care what the Ukrainians have experienced. We have more air defense systems in the Crimea than in the whole of Ukraine ... I am more than confident that half will not even reach ...