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The Ukrainian ambassador to the United States demanded to impose sanctions against Russia for the downed Boeing 737 over Tehran

The ambassador of Ukraine demanded that the United States impose sanctions against Russia for the downed Boeing 737 over Tehran.

The Ambassador of Ukraine to the United States made a statement in which he demanded that not only Iran, but also Russia, be brought to justice for the downed plane of Ukraine International Airlines. In his opinion, obviously demonstrating the official position of Ukraine, the responsibility should lie not only with the one who destroyed the plane, but also with the one who supplied the weapons.

“We are talking about two parts of responsibility, two components: the first is the responsibility of those who gave the order, who fired this missile, and, possibly, those who supplied these missiles. The second part is the responsibility of Iran as a state, international legal responsibility ”- said the Ambassador of Ukraine to the United States, Vladimir Yelchenko.

It is not known what exactly these conclusions of the Ukrainian ambassador are based on, however, experts believe that this is an exceptional provocation.

“Why exactly Russia? Let's bring to justice the Boeing Corporation, on whose plane the flight was operated; Kiev, which did not foresee the current situation; Washington, whose actions led to this. Why not?", - the analyst notes.

It should be clarified that the delivery of Russian Tor air defense systems to Iran was carried out under an official contract.