Asphalt plane


Aircraft sunk in the asphalt caused delight among the spectators

"Aircraft drowned in asphalt" caused excitement among web users.

Shooting a Cessna 680 aircraft landing in a storm turned out to be unique not so much because the aircraft was strongly leading away a powerful wind flow, but rather because the plane literally sank in the asphalt by touching the surface of the runway.

As can be seen on the presented video frames, the hot weather created an incredible illusion, the result of which was the impression that the landing plane literally sinking into the surface of the runway, including rolling over on its side.

“It's amazing that because of the wind, one wing rose so much that the other almost touched the runway. I have never seen anything like it before. ”- says the author of the video.

It is known that the incident itself was filmed at Dusseldorf International Airport, and the video has already collected a huge number of views on social networks, where the unusual illusion created by the haze is really admired.

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