Missile strike


Another group of U.S. military personnel sent to Iran undergoing rocket attacks

It became known about sending another group of US military to the hospital after a missile strike by Iran.

Contrary to Washington’s announcement that Iran’s missile strikes did not injure any US troops, sources report sending another large group of US troops to the hospital. Earlier it was reported that 22 US troops were hospitalized, however, at the moment we are talking about a group of 8 people.

The source does not specify the objective reasons for the hospitalization of US troops, but previously the Iraqi segment of social networks reported that most of the military received closed head injuries.

According to the information provided, the wounded and injured US troops were sent to a hospital in Germany.

It should be noted that representatives of the US Department of Defense do not comment on the sending of military personnel to the hospital, however, the previously independent organization Citizen Truth stated that as a result of Iran’s missile attacks, at least a hundred US military personnel died, but there is no confirmation of this data yet.

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