Blue Panorama Airlines


In Spain, an airplane crashed because of a drug trafficker

Spaniard tried to carry in the stomach 840 gram of cocaine, but almost died.

Passenger airliner of the company "Blue Panorama Airlines" performed a flight from the Dominican Republic to Milan, but during the flight, the passenger who was on the boat unexpectedly felt an acute malaise, in connection with which the crew decided to urgently land an airplane at the airport of Santiago de Compostela.

After landing, 23-year-old girl was hospitalized, and as it turned out already in a medical facility, the main reason for her poor health was the transportation of 840 gram of cocaine in her stomach. Doctors say that saving a girl is a miracle, because 56 packets with a narcotic substance in the stomach could easily kill her.

"Such cases are by no means a rarity, and in order to earn money, drug couriers often go to such a step, often risking their own lives, intending to get the next dose on the proceeds", - the expert comments.

It should be clarified that the incident had virtually no effect on the flight to Milan - an hour later, the crew continued to fly in the direction indicated.