NATO announced the sending of drones capable of circumventing Russian air defense

The head of NATO announced the sending of drones to study Russian territory.

According to the statement of the head of the North Atlantic Alliance (NATO), Jens Stoltenberg, unmanned aerial vehicles will be sent to the Russian airspace, which will provide detailed information about the Russian territory, which is protected by air defense systems.

“They will fly over NATO territory. But they will be able to record what is happening far beyond the borders of our neighboring country. ”- said the NATO Secretary General.

As it became known, Jens Stoltenberg’s statement was made against the background of how the United States began to transfer to the European countries strategic unmanned aerial vehicles Global Hawk, which indeed, when reconnaissance from high altitudes, can cover the territory of a neighboring country for tens of kilometers.

Nevertheless, as experts say, this does not pose any serious threats, since Russia has effective countermeasures.

“Today, Russia has the most powerful means of electronic suppression, which can easily drive away enemy drones from the borders of the country's airspace. "The US has already tried to track with the help of strategic drones, however, given the absence of any statements, Washington, obviously, did not achieve great success.", - said the expert.

Then do not blame me if they, casually, fall on your NATO territory, just as a Norwegian frigate had just run aground (by chance) while calm and clear weather.


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