Fighter F-18


American F-18 and tanker aircraft collided in the skies over Japan

The USAF lost two military aircraft at once.

Tonight it became known that two American military aircraft collided off the coast of Japan - the F-18 fighter and the C-130 tanker aircraft. According to preliminary data, as a result of the crash killed six people.

According to Japanese news agencies, the American F-18 fighter and the C-130 tanker aircraft took off from a military airbase at Iwakuni. Pilots of military aircraft had to work out refueling in the air, however, due to the mistakes of the crew of a combat fighter, the military aircraft literally flew into the tail end of the tanker. On board both military aircraft were seven people, one of whom was subsequently discovered by rescuers, but the rest, in all likelihood, were killed.

“One of the crew members is examined by doctors at the air base in Iwakuni. The search for the remaining six marines continues. ”, - the report says.

The main version of the specialists is considered to be the violation of flight safety, but the US Air Force Command refused to comment on the tragedy in any way.

It should be clarified that only from the beginning of this year the United States of America lost at least five of its military aircraft in Japanese airspace.

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