As a result of the missile strike, two Ukrainian IL-76 were destroyed. Video

As a result of a large-scale missile strike, two Ukrainian military transport aircraft Il-76 were destroyed.

A few minutes ago it became known that two Ukrainian Il-76 military transport aircraft belonging to the carrier Alfa Air were destroyed in Libya, but the data on this matter are very contradictory.

According to the information provided by Telegram, the Gallifrey Technologies, the two Ukrainian Il-76 military transport planes were chartered by the United Arab Emirates to supply weapons to the Khalifa Haftar forces, which means that both aircraft were destroyed by the Unity Government forces.

However, according to other data, precisely as a result of the strike of the Libyan National Army, as the video testifies, the aircraft transporting weapons for the Government of National Unity were destroyed.

It is known that the commander of one of the destroyed aircraft was killed.

According to the latest reports, tonight missile strikes were carried out exclusively by the Libyan National Army, in particular, it was reported that they were attacking Misrath International Airport, where, by the way, the Ukrainian military transport aircraft were last seen.

There are no official comments on this score either from the LNA or the PNU, but satellite images indicate that at least one aircraft was destroyed at the Al-Jaffra airbase, which is under the control of the Libyan National Army.

I would not equate the people and the government. Since 2014, the junta has been steering there.


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