Cruise missile


In the US, they laughed at Putin's missile

The United States of America spoke about the "fiasco" of Putin's missile.

The newest Russian cruise missile with a nuclear power plant, which Russian President Vladimir Putin said back in March of this year, according to the American television channel CNBC does not pose any danger to the United States. This is due, primarily, to the fact that the last facts cited, which, however, did not find official confirmation that the rocket had flown by just two minutes, fell to the ground. All this caused a lively interest and ridicule from American experts.

"According to the estimates of the United States of America, the longest test flight lasted more than two minutes, during which the missile overcame 22 miles, after which, having lost control, it crashed. The shortest test lasted only four seconds with a flight of five miles ", - follows from the statement of "CNBC".

“Putin’s cruise missile, which supposedly can fly half the world, is the most dangerous weapon only for Russia itself. The last test of its launch allowed the rocket to fly only 22 miles, which is why, in its actual use, only Russia itself will suffer, which speaks so boastfully about the presence of weapons of the future ”, - said the US military analyst Michael Sizard.

"It is likely, we are talking about the same wooden rocket, which was present at the Victory Parade. Should we be afraid of it? ", - reads the message published in the social network "Facebook".

Asked by Russian journalists, Dmitry Peskov, the press secretary of the Russian president, did not confirm or deny the arguments of the American television channel CNBC, calling only "... listen to the president of the Russian Federation and believe him ...".

"Two unsuccessful tests of a Russian cruise missile with a nuclear power plant, according to American journalists, does not mean that Russia has not approached the creation of such weapons. Such launches are test cases, and therefore it is not necessary to talk about the complete failure of Russian engineers and designers ", - said the expert

Earlier, a rocket with a nuclear power plant caused a serious panic in the US, as moving with hypersonic speed, it would in fact remain immune to missile defense systems.

The shortest test lasted only four seconds with a flight of five miles ",
This is 7200 km per hour - here's your mother and St. George's day

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If the Americans claim that there was an 2 unsuccessful start-up, you can draw the following conclusions:
1. pan-fry as usual, the missile is there.
2. unsuccessful launches do not mean anything, since the business is new and the failures will be accurate.
Nuclear fuel is practically safe to use, it simply hangs on a wall at a nuclear power plant. Exhausted is another matter. The contamination of the terrain in the event of a launch by the enemy does not matter, and in the case of experienced launches either will be present, or may fall in one piece in a sturdy casing that can later be taken away.

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Do you read the comments and wonder what people are talking about? About anything, but not about the content of the article. For example, its contents caused some doubts in the statement of GDP on such a rocket in principle (I did not hear his speech). What is a rocket with a nuclear engine? 1.The engine does not go anywhere and it means that the rocket itself must have a nuclear warhead otherwise it makes little sense, the contamination of the terrain in any case is ensured.2. The missile can not have radiation protection, it is too heavy. So, the very storage of such a missile is not safe (in addition to the radioactive radiation of the charge, the radiation of the fuel will also be added.) It turns out to be even a more "dirty" rocket than missiles with a depleted uranium core ... There is something to be proud of.

guessd-37 years I served in the PWO-in theory this is so-but in practice, low-flying targets with a weak reflective surface are detected late-not even have time to play the alarm-BACH

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What kind of nonsense, to discuss the news of the TV channel, especially such "truthful" and "respected by us" as CNBC.

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The American system THAAD has this logic. There enemy flying objects are "knocked down" by an accurate missile hit. For 30 years, they only succeeded twice. But they claim that the system works! Rave.

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8 sec is a test of the powder ejection charge, 2 min is a test of the accelerating engine and Che? The atomic block itself was successfully tested today.

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But in 1968 in the landing on the moon did not doubt. Then people were smarter? ... Landing modules and traces of lunar rovers on the surface of the Moon are repeatedly photographed by cameras of other space vehicles

in reality, the technology is much more perfect than we are shown, for years on 10-15, so it's not a fact that they are not, you can only test it by running it into someone. But ...... this is an atomic war. Do not pull the death of a mustache.

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The hypersonic object can be detected and intercepted by a conventional missile defense system located not only in the area of ​​its target, but also near its trajectory - an anti-missile, on a collision course! Moreover, in the final part of the flight there is only supersonic! The higher the speed of the object, the higher its inertia and lower maneuverability! So, on a counter course anti-missile it is much easier to intercept a high-speed object, than to dodge an object from an antimissile ...

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