Bomber B-52


Four American strategic bomber missed the border of Russia

Russian Aerospace Forces have never risen to intercept American bombers.

On the eve of the day, three American strategic bomber B-52H Stratofortress were spotted at a distance from 20 to 140 kilometers from Russian borders, in fact, approaching the direct bombing distance, however, not a single Russian fighter was raised into the sky to escort, cover or intercept.

“You will be unpleasantly surprised, but according to residents of the Kaliningrad region who are in love with the sky and domestic aircraft, yesterday, despite the wild activity of American strategic aviation, the brave Baltic falcons never went up in the air for its“ scaring, interception ”or tracking ", - reports “Telegram” channel “Operational line”.

Moreover, it is reported that we are talking about four American strategic bombers right next to the borders of Russia, however, according to publicly available online resources, only three strategic aircraft could be tracked in the sky

“Three B-52H bombers flew sequentially one after the other in 10.52, 11.06 and 11.11 Moscow time from the English airbase Fairford in the direction of Kaliningrad. Initially, it was planned that four sides would go on the flight at once, but due to technical problems, the departure of the fourth B-52H was postponed and started only in 13.40. One of the bombers worked in Lithuania, the other in Latvia, the third in Estonia, the fourth in Poland. ”- it is reported in "Telegram".

At the moment, there is no evidence from the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation on this fact, which raises a lot of questions about why the VKS aircraft did not provide adequate security measures.

Moreover, there are assumptions that by such a provocative flight, the United States could have acquired important information about the Russian C-300 and C-400 air defense systems located on the western borders, since at the same time the American radio electronic reconnaissance aircraft was also in the sky.

Well, it's not Ukrainian. These touch scary.

We are waiting for comments Konoshenko. But in principle, Americans simply feel the fate. Of course, and we are compressed, but they have more ....

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