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Here's an ally: Turkey opened the entrance to the Black Sea for US carriers and NATO ships, contrary to the Montreux Convention

NATO ships will be able to enter the Black Sea contrary to the Montreux Convention.

Contrary to the fact that Ankara announced its allied relations with Russia and the prevention of any escalation between Russia and NATO in the Black Sea, it became known that Turkey decided to open access to the southern borders of Russia contrary to the existing Montreux Convention, allowing them to enter these waters , including aircraft carriers. The reason lies at the beginning of the construction of the Istanbul Canal, which allows you to circumvent the provisions of the Montreux Convention.

“Another“ friendly greetings ”flew to Moscow from Ankara. In just five years, the Sixth US Fleet will be able to land in the Black Sea on an ongoing basis, taking the Russian Navy base in Sevastopol and the entire south of Russia at the sight of the Tomahawks. All this will be possible due to the decision of President Erdogan to dig the Istanbul Channel, bypassing the Montreux Convention. ”, - reports the publication "Reporter".

Turkey explains its position, first of all, by the very strong congestion of the Bosphorus, however, experts believe that in reality, such a step is a measure of counteraction to NATO. Similar arguments are partially confirmed by the Turkish media.

“Istanbul Channel will become the de facto move of the United States in an attempt to settle in the Black Sea. The channel will allow you to bypass the Montreux Convention, which restricts the passage of American ships through the Dardanelles and the Bosphorus, and does not allow them to be in the Black Sea for more than 21 days. ", - reports the Hürriyet edition.

This fact causes very serious fears against the background of the fact that now in this region NATO will be able to be practically at the very borders of Russia, thereby blocking the base of the Russian Navy in Crimea.

Of course, NATO is a "fascist" organization, and the Warsaw Pact is a peaceful community for the "settlement" of events like Prague-68 or just the seizure of territories of the so-called "brotherly" countries ...

For those who think that the Black Sea is the "Russian Sea" one fact - it has never been your sea. And hardly ever will be. Do not warm yourself with bikes.

but about Belarus there are no words at all.

It will also be from Ukraine. - Russia made an enemy, There were brothers, there were no borders. But I really wanted to get the Crimea and the Donbass and in general all the industrial cities of Ukraine. They came up with Novorosia. “Well, you have to pay for everything.” In a couple of years, NATO bases and missiles will be in Ukraine in minute availability. Yes, and Ukraine itself, even if in 10 years, But it will have everything and missiles, nuclear bombs. The scientific potential is enormous, But there will also be material potential .. With all you need to be friends And all the more so, If you attack the brothers, then very soon they will be will not. And where did all the former Warsaw Pact countries run away? Not to Russia, but vice versa from Russia. Is this not a reason to think ..

Russian sea? You forgot to go to the doctor. From people like you all the trouble. Write that Russia should rule the whole world. You will be supported by 70% of the same cheers of patriots without brains. Then you wonder why no one likes no one believes Why NATO is against. Yes, precisely for this reason. And there are more deceitfulness than everyone else in the world put together: they didn’t bring down, they didn’t attack, they didn’t attack, they didn’t kill, they didn’t take it. In everything, both in the military, in provocations, in sports and in all areas of life. Worse in the world there is nobody. It's time to look at yourself with honest eyes. But how can you admit that you are a thief, a robber, a killer, a drunk, a drug addict, Never! Until we see ourselves in reality, this will continue. And look less zombie box. There is an Internet look and other views on events and include your brains. And do not live by what T / V and the press give you, false and corrupt under the control of the authorities.

There is nothing dangerous in the passage of aircraft carriers from the United States to the Black Sea. As they enter, they will remain there. The Black Sea is the Russian Sea.

Yuri, Pacific “Atlant” became the “Varangian” in December 1995, and before that was called “Chervona Ukraine”. As for the ship in the photo, it is a heavy aircraft carrier cruiser project 1143.5. When the bookmark received the name "Riga", in 1990 it was renamed "Varyag". In 1992, Ukraine stopped building, and in 1998 sold the unfinished ship to China, then it was towed to China and completed as an aircraft carrier, and in 2012 it became part of the PLA Navy under the name "Liaoning." If you enlarge the photograph at the beginning of the article, taken when towing in the Bosphorus, you can even see the name on board. By the way, he was not removed despite the requests of the workers of ChSZ in Nikolaev. Yuri, you are probably a young man, but still, before making comments, try to make sure that you are right.

Erdogan is not an ally to anyone. He is a fellow traveler to his traffic light.

How did haii hoosi jod become anatoly kalashnikov?

BEAUTY, shortly, clearly and to everyone especially gifted CLEAR. 5 +

always like that - we feed them, wash them, and they fly under the flag of pendoski, run across .... we need to raise our country from the knees of poverty! then the blacks and others will stand in aceridi at the Kremlin, make friends !!!!!!

It’s a pity there is no way to give Lavrov a good sloop better with a wooden spoon on his forehead. And the entire 4 department for the CIS countries of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs simply disperses the work of the 5th column without hiding.
Repeatedly wrote to them that the Turks can not be trusted. All 2 millennium along with the beginning of the third indicates this.
I was raised in a family of Armenian repatriates from the Turkish genocide of 1915 who talked a lot about the manners and traditions of the Turks. They are much more venal than the Poles and are ready to throw a partner at every opportunity. I don’t know how Putin hangs with Erdogan. It’s necessary to build a station so that every when a US aircraft carrier enters there a major technological accident occurred where help is only from the Russian Federation. Otherwise, there is no way to cope with them. Or mount at least one C 400 so that it accidentally just like they shot down our plane accidentally flew to Erdogan’s palace in Ankara It was like a vacuum bomb!

you see the fleet is written there, and not just an aircraft carrier. This means that the entire Black Sea will be shot along and across along with launchers, and all the more so there. And given the possibility of early detection, I doubt that at least one Russian bucket will be able to do something, but I’m afraid I don’t even remember about missiles

The height of both bridges over the Bosphorus is 64 meters, the aircraft carrier is 62 m

The height of the passage of both bridges over the Bosphorus is 64 meters, the standing of the aircraft carrier is 62 meters. So, before you write, you need to get information.

I agree with 3 of your comments. Everything is clear, true and briefly said. Respect to you.

The primary accumulation of capital by the Stalinist and Putin falcons! -Fools do not need a knife ....

Well, and what kind of verbal nonsense is this: "" ... contrary to the fact that Ankara declared allied relations with Russia ... ""
What are allied relations with a member country of NATO?

Will they cut down the cabin to pass under the bridges?

Syria and Iran are just around the corner. “Our friends” will fall under the Americans as soon as possible, as soon as the regime changes there. World experience we already have. We need to rely only on ourselves.

this article does not need to be pronounced a pure profanation, these letters were allowed to print only after the 3rd time

I would not like to be rude, but there is a subtlety, for a full-fledged operation, an aircraft carrier must continuously and rectilinearly move, in the conditions of the Black Sea for our anti-ship missiles this makes it a target in the children's dash "Sea Battle". Any other ship will be more dangerous and will become a primary goal, and then aircraft carriers will be flooded. They, by the way, can not even be drowned, there are enough holes in the runway; and this shang turns into a useless and boring sanatorium.

Great goals for our RCC:))))) ...

Alexei, actually, the cruiser Varyag, aka Project 1144 Atlant, is the flagship of the Pacific Fleet .....

Turks have always been hypocritical!

the aircraft carrier has nowhere to hide, and we will cover the Crimea with an invisible cloak

we need to launch another Turkish stream and kiss Erdogan in the ass. maybe several more of our planes will hit our 400

What about the Amer empire?

What nonsense is this? As far as I understand, the Montreux Convention speaks not only about the passage to the Black Sea, but also about the time spent in it. And on the other hand, let them come in, our missiles from the Crimea will fly closer. So whoever comes to us with a sword will receive a puck!

Lavrov can only stand quietly in front of Trump. Why ours do not go to Cuba and Venezuela, and where our bases are there. All money was pulled away.

Turkey is a NATO country, and what kind of friendship we are talking about. We are like not
a smart child, and even worse, they beckon a child, and we appoint friends ourselves, but they don’t want and don’t know about it

US pushes Russia to build bases in Cuba and Venezuela

The boundary must be kept from the reference point, step. - With Turkey - recall N. Gromyko as he decided.

Russia was and is a reliable ally ??)))) haha

In the photo above, our unfinished "Varangian" is being towed to China by tugboats. Author, what did you decide to scare?

It is strange, of course, to call Turkey an unreliable ally and demand reliability from them. Throughout the history of the wars with the Turks, the Russian Empire always started. And RI always broke the contract first .. What do you want from them?

And miss too.

Our trouble is that we do not use them with trump cards

If this is true, then the work of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation can be safely assessed per unit.

The army and navy are our allies. And besides, the aircraft carrier is just a great big target>

But you are a boor however! It’s Bender’s "patriots" who haven’t finished you! And sorry regret! Now such scum like you wouldn’t be! Yes, and you didn’t have the same war!

Like who? Army and Navy!

be realistic

Vovik, they are baked without a soft sign. And you have to fight for Russia. Or is Antalya more expensive?

Turkey has never been an ally for Russia. This is a very big political game.

patriot you're an idiot and not a teacher

Putin must clearly tell Erdogan that if he does not fulfill the agreement, he will turn Muslims. Erdogan is not a reliable partner at all. She is an angry and fake Muslim. Putin sells arms to Turkey, and the Turks provide reverse engineers to NATO fascists. NATO is a fascist criminal organization and must be dissolved !!!

I doubt very much that the leadership does not know about such steps of our << partners <<< and has said many times that we have more than one trump card in our sleeve)))) so there’s no reason to be sad))))

What is there to be surprised at?
One should not naively forget that Turkey is primarily a military ally of NATO. And temporary economic mutual interests with Russia have absolutely no effect on NATO’s military obligations. Also, do not forget that Turkey has recently been "fined" by purchasing the S-400 from Russia, despite bans from overseas. She needs to somehow "rehabilitate" after that.

Before invoking the Montreux Convention, it would be useful for any provocateur to know that, according to this document, military ships of ANY non-Black Sea countries (and not just NATO) can enter the Black Sea, but for a period of no more than TWO weeks (this is even American hold holy). Well, about the dashing fake about aircraft carriers, everything has been said by other commentators.

And what can you do. The fate of empires is the same for all in that they fall apart. The only thing is that each has its own unique path. To be an ally of Russia is to be an outcast throughout the world. Who is an ally in Russia now? Name it. They are not here. And most likely it will not be.

Turkey has not been a reliable ally for centuries. We must always remember this and be prepared for any surprises.

I also think that instead of Idlib it’s time for you to bomb, maydauns, you can stop throwing your dung here and get busy digging graves for your punishers.

Sergei. - tuporylyy, as you, Katsapi, it is not possible to understand simple things: you - killers and bloodsheds - need to be determined as the final branch, unnecessary, superfluous on Earth.

The aircraft carrier in the Black Sea is a wonderful target, it is impossible to hide.

Do you think that the size of the dug channel will allow aircraft carriers to pass through it?

Do not panic, you think, if even at the bottom of the Black Sea there will be American or NATO military vessels))))

I agree with the above about the ally. Russia does not have any allies at present. All these types of “allies” are always pulling a blanket over themselves and putting sticks in the wheels of Russia. No one can be trusted and trusted! Russia, forever as good Vanya- helps everyone, and then they throw him. How much can you get on the same rake ?? Turkey has never been an ally to us, and Israel will never be either. Everything is being done stealthily. Everything is being done by the West because of money and on their terms, that is, to profit always in their favor and annoy Russia.

How many noodles are these "media" trying to hang us. With which Turkey is our ally? This has never been and never will be!

I would like to ask Avma. Pro, why the aircraft carriers in the Black Sea, which is shot along and across?

Afftar. Let them come in. If you could think a little with your head, and not just eat into it, then you would look at a map of the region and understand that, in fact, mattresses don’t even need to enter floating aircraft carriers there, they have a bunch of unsinkable ones, list you or Still guess it yourself?

if you can’t build bridges, maybe you can lower the aircraft carriers, take for example sea water ... above the waterline)))))

So they are forcibly trying to blow into our brains that Turkey is our ally, its actions have always been treacherous. But we will definitely lose the ally in the person of Belarus soon, due to our greed and greed

... here the word is missing - fraternal - after the colon

And who said that Turkey is going to let military vessels pass through the new channel if it is built?


The author is not an idiot. Rather, he simply fulfills the assignment on the topic "To embroil Russia and Turkey." The order can go both from Washington and from Yerevan.

Our Su-24 was shot down by a Turkish NATO pilot, at the tip of the American AWACS, in preparation for the coup to overthrow Erdogan. At that time, American aviation in that region was commanded by a general of Armenian descent, Jeffrey Harrigyan.

Complete nonsense. According to the Montreux Convention, the term "Straits" refers not only to the Bosphorus. But the Dardanelles Strait, as well as the Sea of ​​Marmara, too.
That is, in order to circumvent the Montreux Convention, the Turks need to dig up not only the Bosphorus understudy, but also the Dardanelles understudy. And most importantly, the Turks will have to dig a new sea connecting the Bosphorus understudy and the Dardanelles understudy.
But the Turks, unlike the Ukrainians, in digging the seas, have not yet been seen.

maybe it’s better to stop the bombing of the civilian population of Idlib and keep the cogwheel?

And who said that Turkey is our ally?

No words ... - a brilliant answer to the barbaric bombing of Idlib and his civilians!

Only a politician too far from a sense of reality is able to believe in the allied intentions of the Turks ...

Well, how much could you persuade. Ask not to bomb the civilian population of Idlib? Putin pretended to be a fool misunderstood! So there will be no more! Perform a truce if you signed it ... And then Assad encourages the bombing of Turkoman and he harnesses himself with the VKS (((

Erdagan now thinks how quickly he will be swept away by NATO allies)))

Give me another tomato

Turks are still allies. Recall at least their military conflict with NATO allies - Greece over Cyprus. I’m generally silent about the downed Russian plane. These are allies to which you should not turn your back.

well done Turks they care about the interests of their country, and not about that .. "what Mary Alekseevna will say"

Chef, it's all gone!
Regardless of the Montreux Convention, aircraft carriers cannot pass the Bosphorus from behind a bridge. If the Turks break through the canal and do not build bridges through it, the canal will cut off eastern Turkey from western.

The author is a triple idiot. He does not know the provisions of the Montreux Convention, which extends to the Dardanelles with the Sea of ​​Marmara, and they plan to carry out the Istanbul canal only bypassing the Bosphorus. He doesn’t know that several bridges pass over the straits, the height of which is insufficient for the passage of American aircraft carriers (if only they cut the cabin to half). George does not know that the width of the Black Sea is only about 500 km. and shot right through even by our coastal missile systems and the aircraft carrier will not even have time to lift a single aircraft, as it will be guaranteed and without problems (not like in the open ocean) sunk in a few minutes.

It is necessary to help Turkey, as it was once advised by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the USSR A.A. Gromyko. To make your channel nuclear missiles, only Istanbul is a pity.


Best in the world of aviation