Earthquake in Turkey may have been caused by the explosion of a small nuclear bomb

Turkish media are reporting a possible explosion of a nuclear bomb that caused an earthquake in Turkey.

Against the background of already two powerful earthquakes in Turkey, which occurred with a difference of less than 12 hours, information appeared in the Turkish media that the test of a nuclear weapon could be the cause of the destructive tremors. Such information is provided by the RRN publication.

According to the data presented by the publication, there are suspicions that the explosion of a small nuclear bomb became the reason for the destruction. Such suspicions are partly confirmed by the features of the underground fluctuations, which were previously reported. At the same time, it is reported that the Incirlik airbase itself, where US nuclear weapons are stored, was not damaged.

“The US Incirlik Air Base, where some nuclear warheads are stationed and which is located in Adana, near the epicenter of the morning earthquake in Turkey, was not affected. The version that the earthquake could have been caused by a nuclear bomb is being discussed., - reports "RRN".

Experts, in turn, call this version unlikely, since it would inevitably become known about the release of radioactive substances into the air, although the explosion power may well correspond to the detonation of a small nuclear charge.


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