"Zero Hedge": the United States proposed to shoot down Russian planes over Syria

The US has proposed shooting down Russian aircraft over Idlib.

The serious losses of Ankara in the north-west of Syria led to the fact that Turkey turned to the United States for help in the fight against Russian military aircraft. The latter were asked to patrol the airspace over Idlib and Aleppo and in every possible way impede the flights of Russian military aircraft, including through the most radical measures.

“Turkey asked the United States to conduct air patrols in its airspace bordering the Syrian province of Idlib to demonstrate support for Ankara’s ongoing military operations against forces loyal to Damascus, a Turkish official told Middle East. The request was made during the recent visit of US Special Envoy James Jeffrey to Ankara, where he expressed strong support for “our NATO ally Turkey,” as the crisis in Idlib escalates. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan also reportedly pressured Trump over the phone, demanding to send military support. ”- сообщает Zero Hedge Informational Edition.

In the US, they have not yet commented on such a statement by Ankara, however, experts believe that Washington will not take such steps.

“Turkey has enough fighters, however, it seems that Erdogan wants to set up the United States, fearing that sooner or later Syria and Russia will simply begin to shoot down combat aircraft in the airspace of the SAR <...> Washington’s interest in this region of Syria is absolutely zero, and therefore Erdogan will have to decide for himself whether he wants to lose part of his Air Force in Syria and the shameful stigma or whether he intends to retreat. ”, - the expert marks.

Break another peaceful strait through Turkey

one would think that Avaks did not fly from Turkish bases ... and they transmit data to Israel, and to the Turks ...

close the straits and the victory will be for Turkey

"03:00, February 22, 2020
The United States responded to Russia with an imaginary nuclear attack on Europe.
The US side conducted the relevant exercises, a Pentagon spokesman said during a briefing. A transcript of the meeting was published on the agency’s website. According to the US scenario, Russia used low-power nuclear weapons to strike an object on NATO territory. The head of the Pentagon, Mark Esper and representatives of Congress decided to respond with a nuclear strike on Russia. They developed a plan for a nuclear crisis. ”

America will continue to warmly support Erdogan in his attempts to spoil Russia. They are ready to fight with us until the last barmaley and even to the last Turk. America sees all its allies as a consumable in the fight against its geopolitical opponents. We are already used to it. They can use their aircraft, in particular aviation, only for provocation, but not for military operations. Otherwise, you may not live up to the presidential election.


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