Beautiful stewardess British Airways - Anastasia

Beautiful stewardess British Airways - Anastasia


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If this one is beautiful, then what are the ugly ones :)

I do not see the beauty, some kind of vulgarity. This is not Anastasia - this is Zhanna Aguzarova.

It would be better if Western specialists worked for us, and not subsided. As V. Vysotsky sang a song about the stewardess: ,, Beautiful as the whole Soviet aeroflot. In short, meow-meow.

History should not only be read and some quotes selected .... It is important to learn from it ... Eternal empires do not happen sooner or later they collapse ... it expects both America and Russia ... They will disappear in turn or in one God only knows time. Only one thing is clear - no one will get the joy of it ... Alas.



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