Aerokon INSPECTOR-101 Multi-purpose ultra-light UAV
Aerokon INSPECTOR-101 Multi-purpose ultra-light UAV

Aerokon INSPECTOR-101 Multi-purpose ultra-light UAV

"Inspector-101" - ultra-light unmanned aircraft of the Russian remote sensing, which was developed on the initiative of JSC "Aerokon" (headed by chief designer Alexander Kornushenko). This is the most mobile and compact complex based mikrobespilotnikov.

The device is designed for discreet and efficient monitoring of the surrounding space and the individual objects in cramped conditions - industrial and residential areas, on difficult terrain, etc.

Full UAV weighs only 250 grams, so the "Inspector-101" refers to the lightest drones world.

In a constructive manner, "Inspector-101" - it mikroBPLA, which is made under the scheme tailless air tractor propeller and motor operation. Useful equipment presented chip communication and small-sized camera for a panoramic or forward-looking. The machine runs with it with the help of a catapult. The main feature of the UAV design is completely rejects the keel.

The unmanned device receives the information and transmits it on the control unit, made on the basis of a portable personal computer.

The payload of the aircraft "Inspector-101" is represented by a fixed compact television camera with a planned or front view. The complex consists of two microbLA, ground control station (tablet) and a compact catapult. The complex can be deployed within 10 minutes, the range is 1,5 km, at a speed of up to 20 m / s the flight time is 30-40 minutes. Flights can be carried out at altitudes 25-500 m, air temperatures -30 - + 50 ° C, wind speeds up to 10 m / s in moderate snowfall and rain. 

Aerokon INSPECTOR-101. Characteristics:

Modification   Inspector-101
Wingspan, m   0.30
Length m  
Height, m  
Weight, kg  
  maximum take-off   0.25
engine's type   1 ED
Power, hp   1 x
Cruising speed, km / h   28-72
Practical range, km   44
Radius of action, km   1.5
Flight duration, min   30-40
Operating altitude, m   25-500
Practical ceiling, m  


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