Airport Volgograd Gumrak
Volgograd Airport Gumrak

Volgograd Gumrak Airport. 


Volgograd Gumrak International Airport was established in 1952 as a military airfield, but a little later, regular passenger flights began to operate from the airport. The airport itself is located 15 kilometers from the city, which makes it very popular for a number of regional and foreign airlines.

History of the airport

In 1933, in the area of ​​Voroponovo station, the Stalingrad Civil Air Division was established at the local airfield.

With 1935, the squadron began to get the aircraft on-2, C-2, C-1, as well as air ambulance I-6 and four planes for passenger CR-5, M-17. At this time, the squadron moved to the submission MUGA.

In 1936 were opened flights airline-3, who worked on the Moscow - Astrakhan with intermediate stops in Voronezh and Stalingrad. The airfield to service aircraft.

With 1937 was opened cargo flight Moscow - Stalingrad. And 1938 years performed passenger-transport mail in Ashgabat, Astrakhan, Baku. Aircraft of "Aeroflot" took place on the basis of maintenance of the airport.

After the start of the Great Patriotic War, most of the aircraft was sent to the front. After fierce battles for the city and the displacement of the invader, the airfield was restored through the selfless labor and endurance of the workers, and in the middle of 1943, postal and passenger traffic began. 

For all the pre-war year 1950 flights were restored.

In 1952, the rapid recovery of production and the growth of the city of Stalingrad led to the need to transfer passenger flights to Gumrak airport. Airport Voronopovo was focused on agricultural aviation. Panfilov IT became the airport's chief this year. By 1957 the regular flight Stalingrad - Voronezh - Moscow was launched. The airport served the aircraft An-2, IL-14, Li-2.

In 1959 year it built a new airport terminal.

In 60, the aerodrome staff increased to 900 people, the route network expanded. Flights to Kiev, Rostov-on-Don, Novosibirsk were performed. In view of the transition of aircraft to jet aircraft, the reconstruction of the runway began. 

In the 1972 year after the commissioning of the pavilion-700, the airport became the largest in its district. Active operation of the Yak-40 and Tu-134 aircraft began. The number of employees was about 3300 workers. 

In 80, the airport began the modernization of the first runway and the construction of an auxiliary second lane of the second class. The first direct flight to Moscow was made. 

In the early 90-x airfield Gumrak divided into two companies: Airline "Volga" and the airport "Volgograd". Also from the airport complex to stand out and become a separate entity navigation service, which has become a branch of "Aeronautical South".

The arrival of a new millennium was marked by the completion of major repairs of the runway.

August 2004 of the year was overshadowed by a planned terrorist act on a Volga Aviaexpress aircraft. As a result of the disaster, all the passengers and crew of the Tu-134 were killed. 

The company "Volga Aviaekspress" in 2010 year ceased to exist, the owner of the airport complex was the company OOO "Novaport."

In 2013, JSC "Volgograd International Airport" for the first time took the plane "Boeing-767».

In 2014, the airport began a major reconstruction in preparation for the World Cup in 2018 year.

In 2015, the airport opened its own museum.

Activities and indicators

In the period of 2006 2012 year passenger airport Volgograd rapidly growing. In terms of 2012, the airport held a service around 370 thousand. People. This evidence allowed the company to enter the list of 35 Russian airports with the highest passenger turnover.


Runway Gumrak Volgograd International Airport


The airport has two runways, which allows it to receive various aircraft. The asphalt runway is 2500 meters long and 45 meters wide, and the unpaved runway is 550 meters long and 100 meters wide, and is primarily intended for servicing small airplanes and helicopters.



Volgograd Gumrak International Airport can receive such aircraft as An-2,12,24,26,140,148 aircraft; YAK-40,42; Il-18,76,114; Tu-134,154,204 and its modifications; RRJ-95B and its modifications A-319, 320, 321 and their modifications; B-737,757 and their modifications; B-767-200 (200ER); B-767-300 (300ER); SAAB-2000; CRJ 100/200; ATR-42,72 and helicopters of all types.

It is noted that until 2018, the new band will have the following parameters: 2 800 meters, which will allow the aircraft to take virtually any type on meteorological conditions of the ICAO category III.



Infrastructure Gumrak Volgograd International Airport


Volgograd International Airport Gumrak has remarkably developed infrastructure, which is why it is very popular, like the Russian air carriers, as well as from international airlines. Directly on the territory of the airport are located:

  • Cafe and restaurant;

  • Superior Room;

  • Hotel;

  • Car rental;

  • Parking vehicles;

  • The shops;

  • Department of luggage;

  • Barbershop.

  • luggage packing

  • airlines offices

  • pharmacy

  • ticket offices



Get to Gumrak Volgograd International Airport is only in road transport. In particular, for these purposes may be used:

  1. City municipal transport:
    • Bus route number 6 E, with an interval of motion about 15 minutes;
  2. Taxi:
    • Route number 6, 10 minutes with about an interval of movement;
    • Route number 6 K, with an interval of motion about 10 minutes;
    • Route number 80 A, with an interval of about 10 minutes.
  3. Taxi.


The route network of Volgograd International Airport Gumrak


Volgograd International Airport Gumrak works with more than 15 airlines which fly to more than 30 different directions, including both Russian cities and destinations located abroad, particularly in Rhodes, Heraklion, Antalya, etc.

For the period of 2014 years, representatives of the airport are going to increase its passenger traffic to 450 thousand passengers, which will accelerate the development of the air transport hub.


Basic data:

  • Volgograd International Airport.

  • Airport coordinates: latitude 48.78, longitude 44.35.

  • GMT time zone (winter / summer): + 3 / + 3.

  • Country Airport location: Russia.

  • Location: 18 kilometers west of the city center of Volgograd.

  • IATA airport code: VOG.

  • ICAO airport code: URWW.

  • Internal code: VGG.


Gumrak Volgograd Airport on the map:


Contact details:

  • Email the airport: [email protected].

  • Airport Fax: +78442261001.

  • Airport management phone: +78442261000.

  • Airport information phone: +78442261087.

  • The mailing address of the airport: airport, Volgograd, Russia, 400036.


Airport Gumrak Volgograd. Official site:

Gumrak Volgograd Airport. Official site.

Gumrak Volgograd Airport Schedule:

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