Tunoshna Yaroslavl Airport
Tunoshna Yaroslavl Airport

Tunoshna Yaroslavl airport. Official site.


The international airport is located in Yaroslavl Tunoshna 15 kilometers from the city of the same name. Today, the airport is used not as active as it was supposed earlier - as of 2012 year, passenger traffic International Airport Tunoshna Yaroslavl was just over 10 thousand.

Airport "Yaroslavl Tunoshna" was organized on the basis of the already created military airfield in 1998 year. In 2001, the aviation company received permission from the state to carry out cargo flights to other countries of the world. Two years later, the airport received the first category of ICAO. In the same year 2003 was carried out large-scale reconstruction and modernization. First of all, the light-signal equipment on the runway was replaced. Repair work touched other buildings of the aviation complex. 

Prior to 2005, the Yaroslavl Tunoshna Airport very often carried out air transportation of goods and passengers using light-engine aircraft. The aircraft were sent to the northern regions of the region. But it was decided to stop flights due to low profitability. 

From autumn 2009 of the year to 2011, the airline Region-Avia operated regular flights between the airport Yaroslavl Tunoshna and Domodedovo. The flights were performed by Embraer 120 airliners. In 2011, another company, Avia Management Group, began providing passenger flights between Yaroslavl and St. Petersburg. There was also a regular flight to Moscow. 

To improve the efficiency and quality of passenger service, it was decided in 2011 to reconstruct the terminal itself. This allowed to increase the speed of service and improve conditions. 

In January 2012, the aircraft SAAB-340 Airlines "Flight" to transport passengers from the airport "Yaroslavl Tunoshna" to our nation's capital and St. Petersburg. A year later, these trends started to serve the company "RusLine" aircraft CRJ-200.


Runway airport Tunoshna Yaroslavl



Yaroslavl Tunoshna Airport has one runway strip length in meters and 3000 44 meters wide. The runway has a two types of coverage - airfield slabs PAG-14 and a coating of asphalt component.

International Airport Tunoshna Yaroslavl addition to the possibility of receiving all types of helicopters, can also carry out the adoption of aircraft 2, 3 and 4 classes, in particular this applies to An-24, An-26, An-124, An-148, IL-76, Tu-134. Tu-154. Boeing 737, Airbus A320 etc.


Infrastructure Tunoshna Yaroslavl Airport


International Airport Tunoshna Yaroslavl has a well developed at the regional level, but few nedotyagivaet to international infrastructure. Directly on the territory of the airport complex and proximity are located:

  • A cafe;
  • retail stores;
  • Shop of souvenirs;
  • Room mother and child;
  • Department of luggage;
  • Superior Room;
  • Car parking;
  • Hotel;
  • ATMs and payment terminals.



If necessary, passengers Tunoshna Yaroslavl International Airport can also take advantage of hotels, located in Yaroslavl:

  • Hotel "Jubilee";
  • Hotel "Saint George";
  • "Star" hotel.


To get to the international airport Tunoshna Yaroslavl using one of the following methods:

  • Bus route number 183A (movement frequency of about 40 minutes);
  • Private road transport;
  • Taxi.


Route Network International Airport Tunoshna Yaroslavl



As of mid-September 2014 years, the international airport Tunoshna Yaroslavl collaborates only with one carrier "Rusline", Which currently flies to St. Petersburg.


Basic data:

  • Airport coordinates: 57.56 latitude, 40.16 longitude.

  • GMT time zone (winter / summer): + 4 / + 4.

  • Country Airport location: Russia.

  • IATA airport code: IAR.

  • ICAO airport code: UUDL.

  • Internal code: YART.

Accidents in the airspace of the airport "Yaroslavl Tunoshna"

The first aviation incident that ended in disaster occurred 6.09.1994 of the year. The accident happened with an aircraft of the MiG-23UB type, which military pilots drove from the Yaroslavl Tunoshna airport in Rzhev to an aircraft repair factory, where they planned to recycle the car. It is worth noting that they drove a large batch of such aircraft, it was the last car. When the pilots were carried out, the pilots deviated from the route and began to drive a little over the garrison. They flew at a minimum height of 50 meters, while the speed was 735 km / h. After this, an ardent attempt to perform a barrel. But after approaching and low altitude, the crew failed to stabilize the car. As a result, the plane collided with the ground. Both pilots died on the spot. 

Another disaster near the airport of Yaroslavl occurred 7.09.2011 year. This is a very terrible and tragic situation that occurred during the take-off of the Yak-42. This aircraft transported the Lokomotiv hockey city team to competitions in Minsk. On board were 37 team players and 8 crew members. As a result of the crash, one hockey player survived (he died in hospital) and an onboard aircraft engineer. 

Tunoshna Airport Yaroslavl on the map:


Contact details:

  • Email the airport: [email protected].

  • Airport Fax: +74852431862.

  • Airport management phone: +74852431810.

  • Airport information phone: +74852431809/431800.

  • The mailing address of the airport: Tunoshna-Gorodok-26, Yaroslavl District, Yaroslavl Region, Russia, 150502.


Tunoshna Yaroslavl airport. Official sitehttp://www.yaravia.ru/

Tunoshna Airport Yaroslavl. Official site

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