Ust-Kut Airport
Ust-Kut Airport

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Ust-Kut Airport is a regional air-transport unit is located in 10 km from the eponymous town in the Irkutsk region. Passenger turnover of Ust-Kut airport according to 2010 76 year amounted to more than thousands of passengers continues to grow.

Ust-Kut airport began to be built in 1963 year, it is located in 12 kilometers from the settlement of Ust-Kut. The airfield is located on an elevated hill. Initially, a rather primitive unpaved runway was created, which could take only airplanes with low weight. In most cases, only IL-14 and An-2 were serviced. In parallel with this, helicopter flights were carried out. 

The first cargo plane of An-12 1966 was adopted in the year. At the airport was based on different types of aircraft An-2 and to An-26, as regards helicopters, is at this time operated machines Mi and Mi-4-2. In winter, snow is compacted on the runway, which made it possible to take cargo aircraft such as IL-76.

The value of this airport has grown significantly with the construction of the Baikal-Amursk highway, as well as the development of new diamond deposits in Yakutia. It all started in the 70s of the last century. Because of all this, the air communication with the cities of the country was established on passenger liners of the Yak-40 and An-90 type. 

To service the aircraft at the airport was built many technical buildings. Originally built a large warehouse for the storage of fuel and lubricants, a control tower, a cargo warehouse and much more. By 1979, the runway for receiving heavy aircraft was put into operation, it was equipped with lighting and signaling equipment, which made it possible to receive aircraft at any time of the day. 

All this has allowed in 1980-ies to take a leading position in the province. Through the airport held a huge number of passengers, freight and transit flights. Thus, only a year 1983 Airport "Ust-Kut" handled and sent more than 228 thousand passengers more 26 thousand tons and tons of mail 536. This is a very large performance for that time. In this year was put into operation a new passenger platform, rescue station, garages for repair of equipment, parking for helicopters and airplanes.

As with most of the Russian aviation enterprises in difficulty came 90-ies. The volume of work declined significantly. It is worth noting that during the period from year 1991 2001 of the passenger at the airport, "Ust-Kut" fell in 15 times compared to 80-mi years. Freight transport declined almost 10 times. Due to all this, one company was reorganized into three separate. Thus it was formed separately Airlines, the airport and the company in charge of air traffic.

Despite the difficult times, the management of the Ust-Kut airport managed to preserve the entire infrastructure and structures of the enterprise by the 2000s. This made it possible to cope with any number of cargo aircraft and their cargo. Of course, the reconstruction of the lighting equipment on the runway was carried out, as well as the repair of engineering communications. 

In 2007, the shares of Ust-Kut Airport were purchased by UTair. The purchase was made for the basing of the company's airliners. It is worth noting that the airport “Ust-Kut” in 2011 was marked as the best aviation enterprise on regional routes. A year later, the company was noted as “The Best Entrepreneur of the Irkutsk Region”. 


Runway airport Ust-Kut



Airport Ust-Kut has at its disposal one runway whose length is the total 2000 meters, width 45 meters and the runway surface as used armobeton. Features allow you to take the runway and aircraft 3 4 class, in particular An-24, An-72, ATR-72, Bombardier CRJ-200 and lighter.

In addition, Ust-Kut airport also has two helipads allow servicing of all types of helicopters.


Infrastructure Airport Ust-Kut


The infrastructure of Ust-Kut airport is fairly weak, but because of financing airport, she begins to develop. Today, at the airport of Ust-Kut there are:

  • A cafe;
  • The shops;
  • Parking vehicles;
  • Branch for storage.


Hotel complex in Ust-Kut airport available, and take advantage of the nearest of them can be in the nearest town:

  • "Lena" Hotel.


You can get to Ust-Kut airport by private car or by minibus:

  • Route number 101.


Route network Ust-Kut Airport



At the beginning of the year 2011, Ust-Kut Airport cooperates with two Russian air carriers, including the airline "Angara"And the airline"UTair". The carrier "Angara" carries out regular flights Irkutsk three times a week, but "UTair" carries out flights shedule flights to Irkutsk on a daily basis. In the near future it is planned to increase the routing directions to the attraction of new airlines.


Basic data:

  • Airport coordinates: latitude 56.86, longitude 105.73.

  • GMT time zone (winter / summer): + 9 / + 9.

  • Country Airport location: Russia.

  • Location: 10 km north of Ust-Kut.

  • Number of airport terminals: 1.

  • IATA airport code: UKX.

  • ICAO airport code: UITT.

Accidents Airport "Ust-Kut"

The first incident happened to a cargo plane in Li-2 1970 year. After take-off weight in the machine body has shifted to one side, causing a large roll and the crash. In the fall there were no casualties. After a 6 years after the first case of the collapse suffered Yak-40, which after taking off from the airport "Kut" wing touched the trees and crashed to the ground. The accident occurred on pilot error. As a result, killing all 7 people who were on board.

14.01.2010 an incident occurred with a Robinson Helicopter R44 model helicopter. The pilot with a passenger on board conducted a training flight in the airport area. In speed, the pilot told the dispatcher about the forced landing of the vehicle 70 kilometers from the helipad. The reason for the landing was severe frostbite on the passenger’s feet due to pilot error. 

The last crash occurred in July 2011 of the year with a Mi-8 type helicopter owned by UTair. The car flew out of the airport "Ust-Kut" and flew to the rig number XXUMX. At the same time on board were 72 passengers and three crew members. The flight was normal, but when landing on the site in 13 kilometers from the drill, one of the wheels of the helicopter failed. The pilots tried to level the car, but it failed, and the device lay on its side. As a result, the flattening of one passenger was crushed by the hull, and the second was cut through with a screw. The rest of the people aboard received severe injuries, but remained alive. 

Airport Ust-Kut on the map:


Contact details:

  • Email the airport:

  • Airport Fax: +73956550330.

  • Airport management phone: +73956550907.

  • Airport information phone: +73956550331.

  • The mailing address of the airport: airport, Ust-Kut, Irkutsk region, Russia, 666784.


Ust-Kut Airport Schedule:

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