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Airline "Angara Aero" was established in 2000 year and till today is based at the airport "Irkutsk».

The company makes all flights between the airports of Irkutsk region. The share of the airline market in regional transport approximately 70%. In the month of the company's aircraft perform 140 flights, leading in the number of flights at the airport of Irkutsk.

The first international flight was made from Irkutsk to Ulan Bator and back to Irkutsk. A decisive role in the direction of the first international flight have played economic and historical ties with the Mongolian Republic. Admission to international flights, the company received in September 2014 years.

In 2008 year traffic figures made 112000 1030 people and tons of cargo mail.

Aviation Technical repair complex

The presence of an aviation-technical complex opens up the possibility of conducting technical inspections and scheduled repairs to both private and private aircraft. The list of available services includes painting, re-equipment and the whole range of work with aircraft manufactured by Antonov and Mi-8 model helicopters. These measures contribute to the extension of the service and resources of the repaired models. 


In July, the 2011-24 An airplane was forced to make an emergency splashdown. In the end, the death toll was seven.

May 2013 years for "Angara Air" was marred by the deaths of nine people in the crash of the Mi-8.

The main focus of action is the implementation of the regional air carrier scheduled and charter flights in the Siberian Federal District. Currently, the fleet of the carrier is small, moreover, all the equipment has undergone obsolescence. Fleet "Angara Aero" as of mid-year 2013, includes:

  • 11 helicopters Mi-8

  • An aircraft 3-2

  • 6 aircraft An-24

  • 3 aircraft An-148-100

  • An aircraft 2-26-100



In the very near future fleet vehicles airlines should substantially upgrade - in 2014, the air carrier will be delivered 10 aircraft AN-148, which can greatly improve the working conditions of the airline, and will expand the geography of flights.


Basic data:

  • Airline country - Russia;

  • Engaged in regional airlines in the Siberian Federal District.

  • Internal airline code: IC;


Angara Airlines official website:

Angara Airlines. Official site


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On the customers of this airline deeply on ... Th, the attitude is simply not any. Passed the bag in the luggage with fragile items asked to paste the special sticker pasted and sent for registration in the hand luggage I had a multitool small little knobs with screwdrivers, I was told to check in I went to the luggage compartment and there my bag with a sticker was carefully fragile at the bottom lies on top of the 5-6 bags, I tried to find out what was the matter, but I never received an answer, some idiotic smiles, it was at the Irkutsk airport 711 19.01.19 flight. I don’t know where to go

Nestoit occupy a place in the aeroflot of such a company as a hangar with such junk instead of airplanes

You Che then married with their false komentami?, An employee of the company itself then write! $ # @! my mother took a ticket Novosibirsk-Irkutsk, price 14000 tys.ona Honored worker of education, labor veteran, it should be exemptions, but she was told that they do not give to each flight, and when she transferred to another number, then immediately told that + still some charge fuel at all ... @ # @ # @ # @ # #, not to one of your @ # @ # @ the plane took off and sat down, the company @ # @ # @ # @ # # @!

Excellent command of hangars, thank you all - well done !!!
Enjoy your flight, thanks to all!

and that direct flights from Irkutsk to Sochi is not implemented?

Tell me how much you can carry in kg luggage and carry-on luggage?

Tell me, how much you can carry luggage on the route Krasnoyarsk-Talakan

I Zdravstvuyte.Kuda appeal for the restoration of a boarding pass, I myself am not in Irkutsk

Hello, Angara airline, I don’t know where to write to you, so I’m writing here. It was hard for the Chita people to fly from Chita to Chara with three flights, they were catching up tickets every day for 1,5 months, then we arrive at 6 am before departure to the airport and wait for the annoyance, and if not, then we eat back, who to the hospital, and who to hell. And you have removed 1 flight. But they launched a flight from Irkutsk to Charu, which makes a landing in Chita and flies empty. What nonsense! Make a sale from Chita at 289.

Employees hotline of this airline is absolutely incompetent. Do not even try to understand the essence of the problem, simply rebuffing all unwanted visitors.


Even when the planes of other airlines flying schedule, this manages to delay flights for nearly a day, while not giving any explanation about what happened.

I do not understand about perturbation flight delays varied over time. How can you not understand that due to the fact that the pilots wait a few hours until the storm stops, they will save it at least a hundred lives!


Hello! Bought tickets on the official website of the airline "Talakan-Irkutsk" and in the opposite direction. There flew without any problems. As for the return flight, everything is worse here. They wanted to put me on a plane, explaining that the ticket was used. As a consequence, I ran around the airport in tears with a child and heavy bags to find out the circumstances. At the ticket office I was told that it is not worth ordering tickets via the Internet. The representative said that he can not do anything yet. I got on the plane only at the last minute. The attitude of the airline to customers is extremely unhappy and I will not deal with them any more.

Can I send a child alone if he was 12let

very bad

Thanks to Hangar for help in re-registration to another flight of the aircraft, the fact is that from our Russian plugs do not have time on a plane, so they're not left it all to fend for themselves, and sent a second flight on the same day, thank you so much for such an attitude to their customers, fly, fly and will fly directly with the company simply perfect!

I flew for the first time, but I was advised by the Angara airline. When we were all seated, we were offered the press and blankets, as needed. We took off calmly. Throughout the flight, the conductors offered various goodies and drinks. The flight attendants were kind, sociable. We were interested in whether it was comfortable in the chair, not hot, not cold. In general, I really liked it. The flight was great, I liked it. There is nothing to prejudice. Everything is just super. I hope to fly again soon)

Recently I flew with the Angara airline, I flew to Vladivostok. When I flew, there were a couple of people and a flight attendant on board. The stewardess was well-groomed, attentive and polite. We flew quickly and without any problems. I flew for the first time and liked everything. Thank you for such a service.

Delight! I do not expect that on the aircraft Russian airlines can be a service !!! Summer, many airlines hangar for the first time .. I suffer aerophobia, before takeoff, a flight attendant saw my tense face and immediately brought ammonia and water. During the flight, repeatedly came up just to make sure that I was all right. All the staff with friendly faces, no rudeness is not in sight.
Special thanks to the team and pilots taking off and landing on 5 +. One of the few flights that transferred normally, and it is only thanks to the crew! with great pleasure that I will use the services of this company. Once again, thank you very much for a really nice flight!


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