Antonov AN-74TK-300


In 2001 the Kharkov State Aviation Enterprise (KSAMC) issued a completely new economical option of the AN-74.


20.04.2001 airfield KSAMC conducted the first flight of AN-74TK-300. First demonstration flight attended by then-President Leonid Kuchma of Ukraine, deputies and a couple of thousand spectators.


An-74TK-300 - cargo-passenger variant, modernization of An-74. In comparison with the base model, the motors D36 with the thrust reverser were placed on the pylons under the wing. Thanks to the application of the new configuration, it was possible to increase the speed, range and economic efficiency of the aircraft. The structure of the AN-74TK-300 includes modern flight-navigation and radio-communication equipment, which meets the requirements of the ICAO 2015 year. It allows the device to make flights at night and in the daytime in all weather conditions. Several modifications of the aircraft were implemented, in particular passenger, sanitary and VIP.


By plane AN-74TK-300 most embodied the requirements of passengers and airlines flying relatively comfortable, safe operation and efficiency.


Faultless operation of the power plant, combined with its high efficiency allows the aircraft to make flights over long distances in short periods of time.

AN-74TK-300 video

The new interior of the cabin, which created the corporation "Inter", equipped with comfortable seats, sound absorbing panels, individual. If we take into account such factors as noise and emissions of pollutants into the environment, considered the aircraft does not exceed the international standards.


Though Al-74TK-300 and is an upgraded version of the base AN-74, but it's actually a new aircraft having other characteristics. Increased setting range of up to 5300 km, cruising speed - up to 750 km / h. An-74TK-300, unlike his predecessor, consumes a quarter less fuel.


The aircraft is equipped with two-circuit turbojet modular engines D36 4A series, produced at the company "MotorSich" (Zaporozhye). These engines fully comply with international standards for the emission of toxic substances and noise levels. The interior of the passenger compartment harmoniously embodies the latest technology and promising world design in the field of design. All components, materials and products, which are used in the interior of the aircraft, without exception, have been certified. The passenger compartment provides maximum possible comfort.


From its predecessor AN-74-300 TC inherited a huge volume of vnutrifyuzelyazhnyh space in which the designers were able to accommodate a spacious lounge, which is not inferior to the quality of comfort intercontinental wide-body airliner.


Optimal placement of chairs, high ceilings, the presence of capacitive luggage hatches - this is the result of successful realization of solutions deep-dimensional layout of the interior.


The passenger compartment is equipped with a unique lighting system that gives him the space is still large.


The luggage compartment cover are not only contemporary design but also rational kinematics and mechanics of driving caps lock design. Spontaneous opening of locks in any flight mode is possible.

AN-74 Salon

Passenger seats are equipped with remote controls your entertainment. Thus anyone can ignore the environment and see a movie, listen to music, enjoying the sights in the airplane.


The airliner AN-74TK-300, in addition to the economy class cabin and the orbital module, provided interior of VIP-class, having increased comfort and is equipped with high-quality and elegant passenger seats audiovideotehnikoy brands.


Mezhsalonnaya baffle is formed as an arch. It monitors installed in such a way that they were seen equally well from any passenger seat.


The armrest mounted remote control your entertainment. It is available to people of any size and easy to use. The passenger seat backrest with a headrest is different, thanks to which it is possible to carry out long without tiring flights. The tables, which are built into the chair, have a sufficient size to accommodate a set of dishes offered by the world's leading airlines.


Interior design aircraft certificated aviation materials Sound-combustible cladding panels, reliable operation of all on-board systems, proven airframe design, well thought-out system of emergency exits brought AN-74TK-300 at a very high level of security.


On board the aircraft are placed office space, which enable aircrew quality to serve passengers. The kitchen unit has all the necessary utensils and equipment for preparing and serving food. This makes it possible to offer a wide range of dishes and drinks that will satisfy even the most refined palates. It also placed the general remote control equipment, and DVD-players.


In front of the cabin is situated a comfortable suite, which establishes the plumbing system manufacturers.

AN-74TK-300 characteristics:

Modification   An-74TC-300
Wingspan, m   31.89
Aircraft Length m   28.07
Height, m   8.65
Wing area, m2   98.62
Weight, kg  
  empty aircraft   19000
  maximum take-off   37500
  Fuel   13210
engine's type   2 TRD Progress D-36 4A series
Thrust, kN   X 2 63.80
Maximum speed km / h   750
Cruising speed, km / h   600-740
Ferry range, km   5300
Practical range, km  
  with loading 10000 kg   1450
  with 52 passengers   3500
  with 24 passengers   4500
Practical ceiling, m   10100
Crew   2
Payload:   52 passenger or up to 10000 kg of cargo or 
  24 passenger and 6000 kg of cargo 
  maximum - 60 passengers


I'm on a plane AN-74TK-300 flew flight operators. This is the first machine on which I flew. Each of our pilot satisfied the aircraft and probably if I continue to produce such machines so pilots would be even greater. I believe that in our country are obliged to keep these planes, because these machines are unique.

AN-74TK-300 super plane. Lands silently flies smoothly, hum in flight is not worried. Here is a machine more such and then, perhaps, the whole world would fly on this machine and no one would have feared accidents, as today's planes on the computer management can not rely.

I believe that the AN-74TK-300 remarkable aircraft. It has excellent performance and flying qualities. I flew on this plane many times and I do not regret that my very first flight I made on it. I am pleased that in our country once produced these wonderful machines and regret that today these planes is becoming smaller and smaller.

He flies on this from Sheremetyevo to Kiev. Comfortable, soft seats, the noise is almost not felt. True, I took a ticket to the VIP class. The flight was quick and almost imperceptible, I leaf through the entire magazine did not have time.


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