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Farnborough Air Salon

Farnborough Air Salon

Farnborough Air Salon is one of the most famous air shows in the world which takes place every two years in the UK. The exhibition of aviation equipment and aircraft equipment are constantly present new products in this field, which cause genuine interest among the visitors and participants, as every year demonstrates the new improvements to make flights safer and more reliable.

Avia salon Farnborough. A Brief History

For the first time, the Farnborough Aviation Salon Air Show took place in 1948, and it was planned mainly as a military exhibition, which included a demonstration of flights of military airborne equipment, airborne equipment itself, and of course during the salon special events were held to improve current processes in aviation. Initially, the air show was held annually, but later, due to poor development of aviation during the year, starting from 1962, the Farnborough aircraft showroom began to be held every two years. For the first time, the USSR took part in the air show Farnborough in the 1984 year, and then almost every year, stands with Soviet aircraft, helicopters and other airborne equipment enjoyed great success with other participants.

In fact, since the USSR's participation in the international air salon Farnborough, began a kind of race in the development of aviation, but it is worth noting that the victory clearly left for the West, and this is due primarily to the fact that the beginning of the nineties of the last century was the beginning of the collapse great country.

Avia salon Farnborough. Currently,

His immense popularity care salon Farnborough acquired since 2004 years, and today there are involved representatives from dozens of different countries, offering the very best in the world of aviation on display to others. The main feature is that the air salon Farnborough fully open to the public, enabling everyone who wishes to get acquainted with modern air technology and learn about the immediate prospects of the development of aviation in the world.