Aviation: aircraft and helicopters
Aviation: aircraft and helicopters

Aviation: aircraft and helicopters


The concept of aviation technology is widely enough, because by modern standards here falls almost everything that can independently take to the air and stay there for some time. However, the greatest interest is the following equipment: Searching: airplanes and helicopters, the most common, although in reality there are several dozen types of aircraft.




To the greatest extent at the moment as it is circulated air technology aircraft, with it concerns not only the aircraft used in civil aviation, and military aircraft.



What are other planes, as a technique? The plane is not more than the air moving means in the space due to the thrust force generated by the power plant. One of the most important differences from other types of aircraft air technique is the presence of a fixed wing, which is created due to the lift, which allows you to lift heavy aircraft in the sky.

The first planes began to be used not for civil air traffic, but only for military purposes. Air planes used for reconnaissance work, the implementation of the assigned combat missions, and later they began to be equipped not only with bombs, but with firearms. Some time later, the aircraft began to be used for civil air transport, and to date, air planes, namely, much of it is used just the same for the carriage of passengers.





The first answer to the question about the differences between air aircraft from helicopters, probably from an uneducated person will cause many minutes silence, then begin to emerge a theory that the plane makes taking off horizontally, while a helicopter generates lift-off on a slightly different scheme . In fact, the answer to this kind of question is very simple - it is the presence of rotating around its own axis of the screw, which acts as a movable wing and helicopter makes its main features.



The first helicopter appeared in 1907 year, but the flight was carried out without a pilot on a special binding, and after a series of tests carried out manned helicopter has become, but initially this was only in the vertical plane. Later. The helicopter has been modified, and could not only move vertically but also horizontally.

Currently, air planes and helicopters are used to perform almost any task - transportation of people, goods, for military purposes, in large construction sites, etc.