air competition
Air competition. Jets and helicopter sport Russia

Air competition. Jets and helicopter sport Russia


Air competitions were almost at the dawn of the aviation business, but mainly carried out are not to establish a pilot or whose country is the best at it, and to establish the best model airplane - good in those days aviakonstruktorskaya idea only gained its diligent progress, but because the new aircraft models appear almost every month, if not more often.

To date, other competitions are held in many countries, including in Russia. On the territory of the Russian Federation carried out various kinds of air sports competitions, but deserve special attention other competitions on aircraft and helicopters.


Air competitions in the airplane sport



The amount held in the territory of the Russian air sport competitions on the airplane is growing every year, and today there are 5 main competition among the pilots flying aerobatic flights on piston aircraft:

  1. Championship of Moscow region on the airplane sport;
  2. Championship "Cup" Normandie-Niemen "";
  3. Russian Championships in aerobatics;
  4. Championship of Saint Petersburg on the airplane sport;
  5. Championship of Russia "Yak-52».


These other events include not only aerobatics and its individual elements, but also allow pilots to demonstrate their mastery of the operation of air vehicles. Every year, these other events collected more and more spectators, because the contest interesting in any weather, and certainly ready to be interested in everyone.



Despite the fact that these other events held on the territory of Russia, participate in them pilots and aerobatic teams from around the world, especially from South America, Asia, the USA, etc.


Air helicopter competition sport


Helicopter sport is also very popular in our country, this has become especially noticeable in the last few years, when both the number of participants and the number of spectators have significantly increased, which is also not unimportant. On the territory of the Russian Federation, four main aviation competitions in helicopter sport are annually held:

  1. Helicopter Race;
  2. Championship of Russia on helicopter sports;
  3. Cup of Russia in helicopter sports;
  4. Helicopter Sports Championship of the Siberian Federal District.



One of the major features of the championships held is that pilots can act both on domestic aircraft engines and helicopters on foreign-made, and, it is worth noting that opinions are divided between the parties about equally.



In each program, other competitions helicopter sport includes several major disciplines, with handle each of which may not every pilot, although to a greater extent the result depends from him.

In the near future other competitions will be given more and more attention, with it due to the fact that the Russian pilots have repeatedly been able to prove that they are the best in the world in these disciplines.