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Jetstar Airways planeJetstar Airways - Australian low-cost airline with headquarters in Melbourne. It is a subsidiary of a large company Qantas.

The airline operates an extensive domestic route network, and also has regional and international services from its main airport.

The airline was established in 2003 year as the cost of a subsidiary major airline Qantas. Domestic passenger flights began to act with 25 May 2004 years. The first international flights to New Zealand were discovered one and a half years.

Since its inception, the company has become a strong competitor for these budget airlines. The rapid growth and development of Jetstar Airways in the first years allowed Qantas to open subsidiaries in Asia.

Company Jetstar Airways offers passengers several types of ticket fares, which vary in baggage allowance, the conditions of the return ticket, a list of additional services. This option allows customers to only pay for what is really needed each passenger.

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 As a budget carrier, Jetstar Airways is ready to provide a selection of any additional services provided for a fee. Such a progressive policy of the company allows us to make the use of air transport accessible to all segments of the population - from students to big businessmen.  

During the trip the company offers the following services:

  • food and drinks - all dishes are prepared the best chefs, a wide selection of soft drinks. Beer, wine and other alcoholic drinks are usually not included in the ticket price, but can be ordered for a fee;
  • entertainment on board - are not included in the ticket price, however, gaining comfort package, passengers have the opportunity to provide additional services.

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The company management has developed a number of additional services for its customers. First, on all flights for frequent flyers, there is a loyalty program that allows you to accumulate bonus miles and spend them on your own. Secondly, passengers who choose flights to resorts on the coast of the Pacific Ocean can use the “Travel Package” service. The owners of such a package will receive reservations at the selected hotel, airfare and transportation by the airline from the airport to the hotel. 

Year of establishment: 2004
IATA code: JQ
ICAO code: JST


Uniforms stewardess: Jetstar Airways. Australia.

Uniforms stewardess: Jetstar Airways. Australia. 



The rest of the airline ...

lost luggage at the airline Jestar because in Hong Kong airport girl issued 2 bag number one flight Hong Kong and Singapore is one of my suitcases still not found !!!! I do not know where to turn for help in this online airline ..... This company does not have online help ..... here is how to fly these airlines forgive?

All the girls are dressed in airline uniforms beautiful, making women look very well groomed. The aircraft is also neat. All very pleasant. I think many airlines is to learn from them.

First payment by bank card varnished, because it was urgent to depart purchased tickets from another company and already in Moscow learned that the first payment transaction is completed successfully. Repeatedly I tried to get a refund, but no one took the obligation for the incident.

I do not like the fact that when the cancellation, for whatever reason, it is very difficult to return the money back. From representative impossible to interrogate nothing clear. It seems he does not understand why the company's services, which did not manage to take advantage must return the money.

From the very beginning the day somehow did not ask! The guide assembled our group and announced that the aircraft will arrive with a delay of about two hours, and when we still settled on the plane, his starter broke! First we were kept for more than an hour in the cabin of the plane. The stuffiness was unbearable, and then they sent us a bus, which took us back to the airport. It was there that the main torment began, as we could not find a representative of the company, and nobody explained anything about our flight! With the nightfall the children were laid to sleep directly on the floor. By the morning we were finally given out, dried up and told that the plane might not go today, so those who wish can hand over tickets and fly by another airline. It was terrible. Could not you immediately announce that there will not be a flight? About the company there were only bad words, and the representative, it seems, generally in vain gets his salary.

No one is advised to fly this airline! Pre-booked tickets for the route Beijing-Singapore. They not only have changed the flight (departure from Ho Chi Minh delivered, not from Beijing), so still and do not think to return the money. For the past three months, we are trying to prove that we are right and to return money that was paid for the tickets. Therefore, if you have the opportunity, we recommend you choose other airlines.


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