Airline SmartAvia (SmartAvia)
Airline SmartAvia

Airline "SmartAvia" ("SmartAvia"). Official site.

The airline "SmartAvia" was formed in 2004 year, as the heir to the activities of the air carrier «Nordavia».

Before 14 in March 2019, the air carrier was called Nordavia, and after the rebranding procedure, the company received a new name.

A brief history of the development and establishment of the company

After the rebranding procedure, the airline began to actively develop, updating the fleet and expanding the route network of flights.

The domestic airline, SmartAvia, made its first commercial flight in April 2019 of the year, having completed a flight on the route Arkhangelsk - St. Petersburg.

The fleet of the airline "SmartAvia"

The carrier "SmartAvia" has a relatively small fleet of aircraft - as of May 2019, the fleet of the air carrier consisted of 12 aircraft, including:

  • 7 aircraft Boeing 737-500;
  • 3 of aircraft Boeing 737-800;
  • 2 of the aircraft Boeing 737-700.

The average age of SmartAvia's aircraft is 23,8 of the year.

However, the airline’s plans include expanding its fleet and updating it.

Basic data:

  • The country of the airline is Russia;
  • Performs regular flights on the territory of Russia;
  • Year of occurrence: 2019;
  • IATA airline code: 5N;
  • Internal airline code:

The airline "SmartAvia" official website:

Contact details:

  • City telephone number: + 7 800 200 00 55;
  • Airline Fax: + 7 800 200 00 55;
  • E-mail Airlines:
  • The base airport of the airline is Talagi;
  • Domestic flights: Arkhangelsk, St. Petersburg, Rostov-on-Don,
  • In the airline's fleet are aircraft Boeing 737.

Airports Russian

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