Fast, inexpensive and perfect: China is preparing to create a unique convertor
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Fast, inexpensive and perfect: China is preparing to create a unique convertor

Fast, inexpensive and perfect: China is preparing to create a unique convertor.


Since the inception of the era of aircraft construction, scientists and designers have always strived to create the safest aircraft with a high flight speed and sufficiently high maneuverability. Of course, it is sometimes impossible to combine all these qualities, especially when it comes to creating a truly cost-competitive aircraft, however, aircraft designers from the PRC decided to prove that with the proper approach, it is quite possible to implement it.



While the whole world was fascinated by Bell V-280 Valor, presented at the end of last year by the company "Bell Helicopter", Chinese scientists announced that they are completing the test tests of their demonstrator, also, in essence, a multifunctional convertor. It would seem that to date, these aircraft are not only expensive, but also do not provide sufficient efficiency, however, Chinese scientists and aircraft designers of the Tianjin Helicopter Plant managed to create a truly unique project that in the near future will take a worthy place in both civil and military aviation.

The Chinese convertoplane, called "Bobtail", is a unique flying machine that, having an unusual design, can take off and land in a vertical plane, but in the process of making a flight, it can develop cruising speed up to 550 km / h, moving on distances up to 4000 kilometers. In fact, the Chinese convertoplan is already at its initial stage bypassing the vaunted American V-280 Valor, which, by the way, was designed for many decades, but, which is much more important, the cost of producing one device will not exceed 60 million dollars, which by the most conservative estimates, is twice cheaper than the production of one Bell V-280 Valor.



When developing their convertoplan, Chinese engineers and scientists originally planned that the aircraft could be used both in the civilian and military spheres, so that it could be not about dozens of produced air assets, but about hundreds.

Experts do not exclude the possibility that the Chinese "Bobtail" convertible will pass its first flight tests to 2021 year, and already by 2023 will be actively used, that is, within only 5 next years, another type of flying can begin to be actively used in the world apparatus.


Kostyuchenko Yuriy specifically for

As my deceased friend-designer used to say, you can draw anything.

The author of this note is apparently also technically literate as well as these Chinese mountain-constructors who attack the rake
known designers of other countries since 70-ies.

Well done, Yuri Kostyuchenko - got such an apparatus, essentially similar to our Ka-22, only propulsive screws are pushed, and Ka-22 - pulling. I have no doubt that the Chinese rotorcraft has a great future, good luck!

Judging by the drawings - this is not a convertoplan, but a rotary-wing of a transverse scheme. Well done, the Chinese!