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Business aviation in Russia. And whether it?

Business aviation in Russia. Is it there?


 Is there any? Yes, she is! Many domestic billionaires, oligarchs own their planes. Often they are recorded in the corporate fleet. More often, they are registered in offshore companies abroad.

 There is such a special airportVnukovo-3. Airport with parking for the rich and wealthy Russians. Here you can see the most luxurious and expensive aircraft flying in our skies. Good, expensive and elite aircraft, assembled for a specific order is to be expected 2-3 years. But our people, possessing great fortune, so waiting is not ready. And manufacturers of business jets, ready to give an elite board a few months when he paid for a double or even triple the cost.


Business Aviation in Russia Vnukovo

Vnukovo 3


 A personal plane is a symbol, a sign of belonging to the upper class, to the elite. This, as a rule, equipped with the latest and latest technologies, the newest aircraft, comfortable, with a super professional team of pilots and servants on board and on the ground. After all, it’s not for nothing that all our glamor, officials of all ranks and stripes, are so eager to get on the elite, private side of some oligarch. Although there is a special government squad "Russia", serving the highest political and administrative elite of Russia. But 20 airplanes of the summer prescription, and business class salons, no longer attract officials and ministers.


government troops "Russia"

government troops "Russia"


 Despite the crises, the difficult situation in the country, our oligarchs are not going to abandon the signs of belonging to the highest elite. The state of affairs in this segment of Russian aviation is not very fond of advertising. But on the special parking, and in the closed airports continue to arrive elegant planes that amaze even the worldly-minded ground support staff.

 On parking you can see Boeing Business Jet, Worth about 50 million. Dollars. Based on the 30 meter B737-900, Jet can fly to a range of 11 thousand km at a rate of 900 km.chas. It has an ultra-modern filling, avionics, instant satellite communications. Showers, offices, bar, finished with precious varieties of leather and wood. Unique design, cost the owner about 3 million. Dollars.

 Famous our lover of yachts and football teams Roman Abramovich has Boeing 767-33A\ER «Bandit». According to some unconfirmed reports, the plane has a missile defense. This is Air Force One. The board number two - Airbus A340. Gym, conference room, jacuzzi and sauna, a restaurant, a rare species of wood and gold, is filling planes. Three helicopters EurocopterComplement private fleet oligarch.


Abramovich's plane Boeing 767-33A \ ER «Bandit»

Airplane Abramovich Boeing 767-33A \ ER "Bandit"


 Mikhail Prokhorov is not far behind Abramovich. On its parking there are two sides: Gulfstream 550, Assembled to order, and Falcon 900.



Aircraft Mikhail Prokhorov

The plane of Mikhail Prokhorov Gulfstream 550


 Billionaire Oleg Deripaska has three luxury aircraft: Gulfstream V-SP, Corporate (formally) Hawker 800 XPand Gulfstream 550 very fashionable at the foreign beau monde. There is a helicopter for close poletov-Sikorsky S-76B. And this, as you know, not all Russian aviation equipment business jets.


Gulfstream 550 inside

Gulfstream 550 inside


 Business flights oligarchs do not always take place in a working environment. As confirmed by the workers of ground service of such boards, a company of oligarchs in flights often consists of officials, people close to the authorities, television and film star, fashion models, and female pop groups. Rarely such flights take place in Puritan terms. After some of them, you have to change the interior of the cabin, or furniture upholstery. Celebrate holidays, meetings, the end of the conference, as before, means in the spirit of Russian traditions.


- In Russia, about 400 people own personal VIP cabin -


 And this is not only a luxury, but also fast, high-quality transport. For business people, time is money.

 With frequent use of a private jet, on average, you need about $ 2 million per year. Airport fees, parking fees, maintenance staff, payment of pilots, included in these costs.


 Imperfect legislation, high customs levies (both official and not, reach up to 40-50% cost of the plane!), Forcing the owners to register their aircraft in the offshore, and keep in the shade.

Under the legislation flights overseas business jets, with the Russians on board, over the territory of Russia is prohibited. But because they are flying. Sometimes, though they are arrested at the airport, but we all know that can make a very large sum of money. And the flight continues.

The pilots of the oligarchs are mostly foreigners, as a rule, of the country where the aircraft is registered. 


Foreign pilots

Foreign pilots


 - How many of our pilots did not get a good, well-paid job? -


 No matter how the authorities who turn to this problem turn a blind eye, business aviation, business aviation exists in the country, it only lives and develops according to its own laws.


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