E-85 UAV target
E-85 UAV target

E-85 UAV target

E-85 UAV is an unmanned unit, it was designed in ENIKS. The first flight of the device performed only 1993 year. This machine is designed and made in the normal aerodynamic scheme with straight wings, the ends of which are made folds up. The main task of the unit was an imitation of small objects, such as planning to bomb or a cruise missile. It should be noted that the EPR can be adjusted depending on the task, and the machine to simulate a UAV with the surface of the dispersion and to 0,1 10 m2.

Launch E-85 could be carried out with any helicopter for which a transitional bar and rope suspension. As for the landing, she made parachute. The power plant unit E-85 presented ramjet engine jet type that was installed in the tail of the aircraft unit. The advantage of this power plant is the simplicity and low cost.

The package includes unit smoke tracers and IR. The whole system of E-85 consists of an air target, equipment for hanging on helicopters, the monitoring system, as well as spare parts and radio. On the ground the machine must serve 4 person.

Despite its rather small geometric dimensions, namely 3,2 meters in length and wingspan to 3 meters, the unit has enough good flight characteristics. The only engine is capable of providing high-quality flight at speeds of up to 250 600 km / h. This range can reach 70 kilometers and a maximum lift height is three kilometers.

E-85 UAV target. Characteristics:

Modification   E-85
Wingspan, m   2.00
Length m   3.20
Height, m   0.84
Weight, kg   120-140
engine's type   1 PTRD
Thrust, kgf   X 1 40
Flight speed, km / h   250-600
Practical range, km   70
The minimum flight altitude, m   200
Practical ceiling, m   3000


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