“There are only Miles”
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“There are only Miles”

“There are only Miles”

"There is only Miles" (warfiles.ru)

To object to the journalist, but there is nothing! Even in the distant Soviet times N.I. Kamov offered Aeroflot a civilian version of the Ka-25 coaxial helicopter. Two engines with a total capacity of 1800hp. (Mi-4 has one = 1700hp). The Ka-25 was more energy-efficient, much faster, but the main thing is that the Ka-25 helicopter did not have a tail rotor, which so "got" the pilots on the Mi-4: there was no power reserve, and even rear centering, therefore, during takeoff and especially during landing, the maximum attention to the tail rotor.

But Aeroflot was left without Ka-25 and omniscient languages ​​claimed that M.L. Miles crushed him with his authority: “Why the Ka-25 helicopter when the Mi-4 is replacing the Mi-8.”

Then we really moved to the Mi-8, but it was a class higher in both carrying capacity and speed characteristics, while its price per hour of flight exceeded the cost of the Mi-4 at times, so there could be no replacement speech! But in Soviet times they didn’t count money: then helicopters were built primarily for the Army, and the State, in the absence of today's corruption, was rich.

We fly along the Messoyakha-Norilsk gas pipeline

The Mi-2 helicopter was not operated in the polar Norilsk, because his crew consisted of one pilot and the flyover of the Messoyakha gas pipeline - Norilsk was carried out by the eight. The gas pipeline was being prepared for commissioning and overflights with various commissions were not uncommon. For such flights on a Mi-8 helicopter with 8-12 persons on board, people involuntarily ask themselves the question: what economic damage does the state have to the ambition of the general designers in promoting their equipment by pushing out of service products of another design bureau? So did the proposed land variant of the Ka-25 coaxial turboprop helicopter, because "IT IS ONLY MILES!"             

And since that distant time, there is no replacement for the Mi-4 helicopter in our State to this day! The Ka-62 helicopter could have become a similar replacement for a long time, but its serial production is not available for the same reasons: KAMOVSKY!

“Yuri Denisenko: Ka-62 took off on the MAX. On the unique capabilities of the new helicopter (arms-expo.ru 12 Sep 2019): “The machine has worked well - it has excellent aerodynamic characteristics, the helicopter is well controlled, copes with loads at high speeds and has great economic potential ... Accordingly, we plan to start selling the first Ka-62 helicopters in 2020

And acquaintance with him began with MAX-1995: “The full-size model of the helicopter was first shown at the MAKS-1995 air show. Further development was suspended due to lack of funds. Over the next 15 years, statements were repeatedly made to resume the development and production of the Ka-62. The dates of the first flight in 2008 were announced, with the development of production at the U-UAZ aviation plant in Ulan-Ude with a plan to reach the level of production of 30 — 40 helicopters in the 2010 year ” (Wikipedia).

Unfortunately, today this helicopter is only formally considered Russian, because the Austrian gearbox and French engines are installed on it, so this is no longer a replacement for the Mi-4 helicopter, and even more so for the price. But replacing the Mi-8 with the TV2-117A engines is YES!

Meanwhile, the government has money to support foreign aircraft, as if by magic:

“So what about the recent decision to purchase Boeings?”

- A contract has already been signed when Dmitry Medvedev was in America, and everyone presented it as the highest achievement. At the same time, they robbed the people of $ 4,2 billion and practically stopped the domestic aviation industry. And Barack Obama, in his response, thanked the Russian President for the fact that the contract would allow him to save jobs at Boeing.

- But it will be new, not used aircraft?

- Yes, under the contract Russia buys 65 new aircraft for Aeroflot, but they could have made 400 with this money. The ratio is almost 1: 7 ”(Colonel General A.P. Sitnov August 17, 2010 Aviation EXplorer).

The most interesting thing is that the state mass media are singing odes not to modern helicopters, but to the antediluvian Mi, created in the Stone Age. Admiration for the non-existent superiority of this old stuff you get already in the headlines and one more trenchant than the other: "Russia can refuse the most perfect (Mi-28) ... warfiles.ru with the chapter:" There is only Mil "02.03.2019/35/28."; "Deadly" Ravagers ": the troops entered ... (ok.ru) (Mi-25.08.2016)"; "Superiority of the Mi-201809NM:" Superhunter "became invulnerable on 26/XNUMX/XNUMX"; "An unsurpassed giant: what is the heaviest one capable of ... (tvzvezda.ru› News ›OPK XNUMX"; "Mi-XNUMX helicopter - pride and power (engine-market.ua)".

Unrivaled Giant

The real “unsurpassed giant” is the B-12 cross-section helicopter, which transported payload much more than the Mi-26 helicopter, but it cost less. M.L. Miles was very proud of this giant: “Five years of work on the B-12 became for M. L. Mil years of the highest creative upsurge. "This car will be the best that I managed to create, believe me.", he told his wife (aviastar.org/helicopters).   

And there was something to be proud of: "... The spectacle of the B-12 helicopter, majestically floating above Le Bourget with a surprisingly low noise level, despite its 26000l.s power (Mi-26 = 22800l.s.), Hidden in engine gondolas, makes to think about it: did almost all helicopter construction go the wrong way for about two decades. " Such were the statements in the French and world press after the demonstration flight of the Soviet giant helicopter B-12 at the International Aviation and Space Salon in Le Bourget near Paris in June 1971.

The son of an outstanding aircraft designer, a representative of his company in Europe, Sergei Sikorsky wrote: "... This helicopter is one of a kind and will be used to perform unique operations. I mean expeditions to the Arctic regions or the search for oil fields. The helicopter will replace the railway there where the foot of a person has not yet set foot "(" Science and Life ", No.8, 1998).

Alas, the development of the Arctic began on the same Soviet Mi-8, which, to increase the flight range, the general designers of the cost center on the sides spun another barrel of fuel.

Apparently, specifically to increase drag, so that with an increase in the flight range it doesn’t disperse very well, but not slip through the Arctic?              

Well, how without abroad?

“The idea to localize the production of Italian helicopters (AW139) was supported by Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, who explained the need to open the production of foreign cars in Russia by the fact that Rosneft and other state-owned companies have to work on hard-to-reach areas of offshore fields, and the machines of the necessary modification they’re not producing in the country yet ” "Helicopter industry." Appendix No. 86 by 19.05.2016, p. 14

And who prevented D. Medvedev from releasing his Ka-62 helicopters, and with the native RD-600B engines that were designed and built specifically for this helicopter: “RD-600B is a small-sized, highly economical turboshaft engine designed for medium-sized multi-purpose helicopters. ... Its uniqueness lies in the fact that it can be disassembled into individual parts and assembled again with just 10 keys. In case of failure of one of them, it can be replaced right in the open field, and not change the whole engine ”(First of all - helicopters! 18.02.2002).

“No money, but you hold on!” - this is for the Russians, but for the Italian AW139 in Tomilino they built a plant to assemble them from ZERO! Our Ka-62 is safer and much cheaper, and in terms of performance and comfort it is not inferior to the Italian, but comes from the Russian design bureau "Kamov", so its serial production is postponed from year to year.

Moreover, in the same design bureau "Kamov" the Ka-32-10AG helicopter was designed and offered for serial production specifically for Arctic operation on the basis of the coaxial Ka-32. The proposed helicopter has a fuselage commensurate with the Mi-171A2 helicopter, and the gearbox and carrier system from the Ka-32 helicopter, which are time-tested. Cheap and reliable, which would be the best helicopter in the world for Arctic flights today. But no: the Mi-172A2 helicopter with much worse flight characteristics and lower flight safety was launched into production. The reason is the same: "There is only Miles", but the fact that colossal damage to the economy of the State and even more to the development of our helicopter aviation is for the Kremlin government - LITTLE LIFE that should not be paid attention to.

It’s time to start developing real projects of modern Ka-92 and Ka-102 helicopters, which are very necessary for offshore flights and flights to the Arctic and Siberia, but it wasn’t there - apparently the stop managers of the Russian Helicopters company are not allowed by Vashobkom, but the government has nothing to do with it and these projects are gathering dust in Kamov until better times.

Arctic hydrocarbon reserves

“Currently, more than 20 large oil and gas fields have been identified in the Arctic. For 10 of them, the development prospects have already been proven. According to the calculations of the Ministry of Natural Resources of the Russian Federation, reserves of 6,2 billion tons of oil and 15,5 trillion cubic meters of gas are concentrated on an area of ​​84,5 million square kilometers. The most famous is undoubtedly the Shtokman field, located in the Russian shelf zone of the Barents Sea. " And, of course, it will be necessary to use rotary-wing aircraft to develop oil and gas deposits in the Arctic in the future. And how handy the high-speed Ka-92 would be here.

The flight range of this helicopter without refueling will be 1400 km. at a speed of 420 km / h, while on board it will be able to take up to 30 shift workers. Since 2007, the Putin-Medvedev government has been torpedoing this project, giving the Americans the opportunity to calmly test their high-speed helicopters, which lick off our Ka-92, in particular the SB-1 Defiant helicopter, which has already begun testing. The cost of the Ka-92 project is estimated at $ 1,3 billion (Wikipedia).

Needless to say, the amount for the average layman is fabulously large, but compared to state corruption it’s a penny: “Earlier, the head of the Accounts Chamber Alexei Kudrin said that over the 2017 year, the department revealed financial irregularities in the amount of 1,865 trillion rubles, and 40% of these violations - in the amount of 760 billion rubles - were allowed by the state corporation Roskomos, including during the construction of the Vostochny cosmodrome (Rogozin bank: theft during the construction ... pikabu.ru ›... kosmodroma_vostochnyiy).

Hence a simple conclusion: the government is deliberately slowing down the development of our helicopter industry, and deliveries to operation after various modernizations, in particular the same Mi-28, are preliminarily voiced by the populist forecasts of their creators, knowing in advance what will be wrong:

“ROSTOV-ON-DON, 1 of September. Priority in deliveries of the Mi-28N Night Hunter helicopter, despite numerous advantageous offers from abroad, will be given to the Russian Armed Forces. This was stated today by the Director General of the Rostov Helicopter Plant / Rostvertol / Boris Slyusar 07.09.2010. "

“The Mi-28Н helicopter has tremendous export potential ... said Andrey Shibitov, General Director of OJSC. (AviaPort.Ru 29.12.2008). ”

But this helicopter until now is not exported to any country because of its backwardness and unreliability.

What does the comment of the Mi-24 pilot, who saw with his own eyes the comparative flights of the Mi-28 and Ka-50, also speaks of:

«Andrew 17 Mar 2018. Very strange Paul, that you do not agree. It seems that you have not seen the comparative flights of these cars! So, if we compare them by maneuverability, it’s like comparing a passenger car (KA-50) with a truck (MI-28) ”;

Andrey 18 March 2018. I myself flew for 20 years on MI-24. Something the car pleased, something upset. But in general I agree, heavy and not agile. Clumsy in the mountains. I collided with a KA-50 for the first time in 90 in Primorye. The car impressed us all with its maneuverability. They promised that we would soon change to them. But apparently there was not enough money. So I quit my job at 24 (avia.pro/kamov-protiv-milya. Comments).

In modern Russia, common sense before lobbyism is nothing!

"But apparently there was not enough money." There was “not enough” responsibility for the DEFENSE of the State and for preserving the LIVES of the pilots who were transferred to the Mi-28N! The fact that the Ka-50 "Black Shark" has ejection seats that are capable of saving the lives of pilots in emergency situations, and + one pilot instead of two in such moments is an invaluable advantage of an attack helicopter, tk. a pilot's life is much more expensive than any helicopter! And if we add to this the clearly superior combat capabilities of the Black Shark, then the conclusion turns out to be depressing: the Mi-28 was introduced into our Army only through lobbying and it is not surprising that it inflicted with its “hard” landings (officially: six), taking into account the death 4 high-class pilots irreparable damage to the State (4 pilots - this is a link of Ka-50 helicopters) and especially to the families of the victims!

One pilot piloting a combat helicopter is a great advantage of the Ka-50, but opponents of the Black Shark managed to pervert this advantage through lobbying, announcing that one pilot is not able to conduct combat operations on a helicopter.

Test pilot of Mi helicopters G. Karapetyan: “But Pavel Stepanovich (Marshal Kutakhov, author's note) forgot that every fighter was serviced by seventeen people on the ground during the war years. And in the air he was guided and controlled by special ground services. That is, the pilot is never alone, it is an illusion. Secondly, there is a specific combat application. A fighter flies at high altitudes, and for a helicopter the main flight mode is several tens of meters from the ground. But he, nevertheless, decided to create a promising helicopter as a single. And a decree was signed, according to which the Ka-50 helicopter was preferred. ” (Pilot and Helicopter - Tomorrow is the weekly newspaper Issue No. 47 (574) 2004-1).

And from what ceiling did Gurgen Karapetyan take that 17 people serve each fighter when they have the same service on the ground, and indeed these 17 people are stuck "neither to the village, nor to the city." But for the maintenance of pilots in the air, some clarification is required.

Even before the rivalry, the Ka-50 and Mi-28 received ground-to-air missiles, while high-altitude aircraft were easily and far detected by locators, followed by their defeat by these missiles. But for any actions - there are OPPOSITIONS and so that the locators could not detect them before approaching the target, fighters began to use a new tactic: flying at low altitudes, up to shaving flights. That's when summing up the competition between the Ka-50 and Mi-28, Major General A. Aviation Bezhevets and said: 

“Why can front-line fighter aircraft at altitudes of 20 – 30 m and flight speeds of about 1000 km / h be able to detect and hit ground targets, and the Ka-50 helicopter cannot do this at speeds up to 300 km / h? It just can't be like that! ” Very fair!

It seems that the aerodrome pilot of the cost center helicopters G. Karapetyan is not aware that at low altitudes there is no difference in servicing the helicopter and the fighter: radars are not visible to the radar from the ground, that the fighter! Also, during high-altitude flights, the plane and the helicopter are clearly visible on the screens of the locators, and both have stable radio communications.

Black Shark without Liberal Intelligence

And about the possible flaw of the armament of our Army with Ka-50 helicopters, we are “SYRICH” even today trying to fool that one pilot on an attack helicopter is a problem, because the helicopter lacks intelligence for this? 

Author Alexander Plekhanov: “The fact is that the designers wanted to make the helicopter so perfect that they couldn’t trivially calculate the capabilities of the industry and the development of electronics at that time. The Ka-50 was originally designed as a single-seat attack helicopter, although all over the world everyone has abandoned such a scheme.

... despite the abundance of all kinds of auxiliary systems, it was still difficult for one to perform several tasks at once. Therefore, it was decided to supplement the crew with an operator, which required converting the helicopter from a single to a two-seater (PopMech.ru, June 17, 2019).

Dear A. Plekhanov, it is “difficult for combat pilots to carry out” combat missions, especially on the Mi-28. But do it! Which one is harder? - Army pilot pilots know better than you, along with your mysterious MILITARY, and after comparative flight tests, it was the pilots who preferred the Black Shark to the Mi-28 helicopter, unanimously noting that flying Ka-50 is incomparably easier! Then they checked these helicopters in the combat situation of the second Chechen war, where their conclusions on the superiority of the Black Shark were more than confirmed! You, in all likelihood, are not up to date with the reports of the BUG (Combat Shock Group) pilots, so I strongly recommend watching the movie of the Watch program: Ka-50 in Chechnya.

Now specifically on the “intelligence” of Ka-50: “The basis of helicopter avionics is the Rubicon sighting-flight-navigation complex. It provides the determination of the coordinates of the helicopter and its flight parameters. He knows the location of airfields, turning points of routes, goals. The Rubicon complex carries out automated self-monitoring without the use of ground equipment and determines failures (up to the subsystem, and in the most important systems to the unit).

The basis of this complex is a computer that includes five digital subsystems responsible for combat control, navigation, information display, external target designation and weapon control. Part of the combat and navigational information is displayed on the helmet-mounted pilot system, which, fixing the head turns, issues commands for preliminary target designation to the Shkval-V complex and homing heads for air-to-air missiles. The guidance is carried out by turning the pilot’s head within ± 60 ° horizontally and −20 ° ... + 45 ° vertically ”. “The helicopter is equipped with heat-television vision and laser target designation systems.”

And in continuation of the theme: “The Ka-50 uses an automated system that, in the event of a wound or death of the pilot, returns the helicopter in the“ autopilot ”mode to the departure aerodrome INDEPENDENTLY.” (arsenal-otechestva.ru Published: June 17 2018).

As you can see, the "Black Shark" intelligence is clearly higher than the intelligence of the opponents of this helicopter!

As for your mysterious “military”, which “Ka-50 ceased to satisfy” in the 90-s, this time we know them - this is the former Minister of Defense S. Ivanov, who replaced the outstanding Ka-50 helicopter in the Army Aviation with clumsy, and even dead Mi-28Н. To this I add that in the war, Su-25 attack aircraft with one pilot successfully perform the same tasks with helicopters, but with a speed of 2 times the speed of Ka-50 helicopters, to this day, none of the pilots had any complaints about the uniqueness of the aircraft. In flight, as I already wrote, they are serviced the same way as helicopters!

And about the future re-equipment on the Mi-28NM, we can say that this is another illusion that our VKS will switch to a “modern super-helicopter”.   

Even the naked eye can clearly see the excessively large drag of the helicopter from the era of the beginning of the development and development of helicopter technology. In the photo, this helicopter, with its crude design, looks more like a children's designer: “Build it yourself” than a modern and fast-moving combat helicopter.

And on the contrary, when you look at the Ka-50 helicopter with an airplane fuselage and impeccable aerodynamics - you involuntarily feel a sense of pride in our helicopters!

And the PBV from the same Kamov Design Bureau is generally similar to a fighter. Not a helicopter, but a fairy tale!

And PVB paired with the Alligator, beautiful - both; and the outstanding aircraft designer A.N. Tupolev said: “A beautiful plane flies well. Ugly - bad! ”

That's what kind of combat helicopters should our pilots fly, and not compete with the American Apache in technology from the middle of the last century. By the way, they will soon replace it with the high-speed Sikorsky S-97 Raider. I would like to send them there as heads of helicopter construction of our stop managers in order to slow down their progress on helicopters! And the Kremlin government openly torpedoes our new developments in helicopter engineering, which in fact does not mean rivalry, but a real lobbying in favor of the Pindos, giving them time to promote high-speed helicopters. 

When our combat pilots are ordered to fly obsolete helicopters in the presence of modern Ka-50, then this is not minor tricks, but the weakening of our helicopter aircraft. And no matter how many letters on the back of the Mi-28 they would not add: candy doesn’t work out of junk - the law of nature! But the cost center designers had plenty of time to create a combat helicopter with the 0 in accordance with modern requirements for attack helicopters, but they persistently stomp around the Mi-24, which was to be decommissioned in the 70 of the last century. And during this time, Mi-24 helicopters did not become faster: speed in 405km / h. Colonel E. Poluyanov, Air Force military representative who only had no relation to record flights, but to helicopter flights in general, only “developed” Mi-24LL! 405mk / h - This is an ordinary “duck” launched by the designers of the cost center through a front colonel in order to maintain his fallen authority.

And the Mi-24, as the Mi-24 was, remained so. In 1978, an absolute world speed record for helicopters was set on the Mi-24 - 368,4 km / h, which is the same for Russia today! Here the Ka-50 dived at a speed of 460k / h. (Wikipedia), which means he has a high-speed reserve to develop speed and 400k / h. according to A. Boginsky and at 405 k / h. according to E. Poluyanov, which is beyond the power of the Mi-24.

Today, the classic helicopter design is a relic of the past and it is high time for Russian designers to leave it alone. The general designer of the cost center and the Russian Helicopters holding company has already demonstrated to us the layout of the “high-speed” Mi-X1 helicopter, which guaranteed speed = 520к / h. Then, on the basis of this mock-up project, the real project of a really high-speed helicopter of the coaxial Ka-92 scheme was frozen, after which the issue of promoting the Mi-Х1 was removed from the agenda and another layout with the name "Rachel" went to the air shows:

"31 January 2014. By 2015, a new Russian high-speed helicopter should have a technical design and a full-fledged “flying laboratory”. Mil Helicopter Plant expects to receive a billion rubles for these purposes under the state contract 3,3. ... has already chosen a name for his new project - RACHEL. In the future, this particular helicopter will have to prove to the whole world the leadership of Russia in the field of helicopter engineering ” (Military Review).

For these 3.3mln. rub. in the design bureau of the MVZ, the cockpit of the operator was removed from the Mi-24 two-seater helicopter, and here you go: “flying laboratory”. Famously!!! Now, on the basis of this single Mi-24, they promise in the unknown future a high-speed attack helicopter with a speed of = 400k / h. There is no doubt and this is a mirage.

It seemed to me personally that after the November competition for high-speed combat helicopters from the general designer of the cost center N. S. Pavlenko, such fraud will stop once and for all, because everything is a measure. But there it was: the stop managers from Russian Helicopters, together with the general designer, entered the taste of government contracts in 3,3mln this way. rubles, which alone will no longer be able to stop. Further, you can count only on the help of the President of the Russian Federation. Recently, he put things in order with district officials in the Irkutsk region to pay financial assistance to flood victims, and we can hope that now he will have time to advance the development of real projects on high-speed helicopters from the Kamov company, which our State really needs! !!

After all, it is precisely President V.V. Putin at all meetings and forums focuses on technical excellence and technological progress in all types of weapons: “02.10.2014“ Our task is to make a breakthrough, ”assured President Vladimir Putin at the investment forum“ Russia is Calling! According to him, Russia should make a significant breakthrough in the development of industry in the coming years ”(deloros.ru› nasha-zadacha-osushhestvit-ryvok) and now, I believe that the time has come to make a breakthrough in helicopter building !!!


Vitaly Belyaev, especially for Avia.pro

The head of our state must change, and completely, otherwise we will all rot.

Apparently, the Russian government hates the Kamov design bureau, as well as the MIG.

This article once again confirms the essence of this prime minister, which is alien to Russian national interests. His policy regarding national helicopter engineering is on the verge of wrecking and treason. Why is he tolerated in the system of power in Russia? Is everything really so bad in Russia with staff
highly professional managers?
Or the personnel policy of the government is subordinated to corporate
interests of a narrow group of alien and hostile
attitude towards the Russian people and the Russian
state officials?


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