Irkut Irkut-3 Multipurpose UAV
Irkut Irkut-3 Multipurpose UAV

Irkut Irkut-3 Multipurpose UAV

"Irkut-3" - aviation complex of remote sensing, which is capable of day and night and in difficult weather conditions to monitor, receive and transmit to the ground in real-time photographic, thermal and TV images of terrain. Also, under the direction of the machine operator determines the coordinates of ground targets, collects, stores and processes the video.

The complex includes two lethal unmanned vehicles, ground facilities maintenance and management.

The duration of the flight of the drone up to 1.25 hours. During this time he collects and transmits information to the ground control station, located in a radius of up to 15 km.

In order to adequately prepare for the start of the UAV, that is to test it to make sure it, enter the flight mission and implement all pre-commissioning activities required to 15 minutes.

Starting drone "Irkut-3" made with hands, landing can be performed on unprepared airfield equipment ground area with the help of a parachute.

The design of the UAV contains largely composite materials that provide sufficient strength at light weight and resistance to environmental factors. Particularly useful design allows fast assembly and disassembly of the aircraft without the use of special technical means.

This complex is characterized by variability of operation due to the ability to change the payload, depending on the task, as well as low life-cycle and operation costs. 

Irkut Irkut-3. Characteristics:

Modification   Irkut-3
Wingspan, m   2.00
Length m   0.90
Height, m   0.30
Weight, kg  
  maximum take-off   3
engine's type   1 AP
Power, hp   1 x
Cruising speed, km / h   70-90
Radius of action, km   15
Flight duration, h   1.25
Operating altitude, m   100-500
Practical ceiling, m   3000


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