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When will Tehran strike Israel? An attack could occur on nuclear facilities

When will Tehran strike Israel? An attack could occur on nuclear facilities

In the next 24 hours, Israel may face a retaliatory strike from Iran, the American television channel CBS reports, citing intelligence data. According to them, hundreds of missiles and unmanned aerial vehicles could be used in the attack.

Iran's response

This comes amid reports from the American Wall Street Journal on April 11, which said that an Iranian retaliatory attack could occur in the next 24-48 hours in connection with the Israeli military strike on the consular section of the Iranian embassy in Damascus. Israeli officials have warned they would have difficulty defending against an attack of that scale, although they hope Iran might opt ​​for a smaller attack to avoid a dramatic escalation.

Range of Iranian missiles

The US Embassy in Israel urges its citizens not to leave the country's major cities, as they are under better protection. Meanwhile, Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdollahian assured that his country's response would be “limited” to prevent escalation.

Lebanon's preliminary strike on Israel

Earlier it was reported that Iran plans to strike “dozens of sensitive targets in Israel, including energy infrastructure facilities,” using ballistic missiles and drones filled with explosives.

US Confidence

The US State Department assured that the United States will continue to help Israel in the confrontation with Iran. However, according to insider information, the Pentagon is extremely unhappy that Israel did not warn it about the impending attack on the Iranian consulate in Damascus, and now Washington is forced to deal with the consequences.

Israeli strike on Iranian consulate

The United States has contacted a number of Middle Eastern and European partners, as well as China, in the last 24 hours, urging it to influence an angry Tehran. The commander of the regional division of the US Central Command, Eric Kukilla, urgently flew to Israel for negotiations.

These steps seem to have had some effect. The Axios portal reports that Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdollahian confirmed during a telephone conversation with his German counterpart Annalena Baerbock that Tehran will strike Israel, but will do so in a “limited manner.” However, Western analysts are not confident that Iran will be able to carry out an act of retaliation without prompting Israel to respond militarily.

Nuclear war in the Middle East

International journalist Abbas Juma predicted the worst possible scenario, which the parties are trying so hard to avoid - the Third World War with the threat of the conflict going to the nuclear stage. Israel has nuclear weapons, but Iran does not yet, although it is possible that the situation may change.

Israeli nuclear facilities

Several years ago, military exercises took place in Iran, during which a strike on the Israeli nuclear reactor in Dimona was practiced using a large number of ballistic missiles and drones. Thus, Iran has made it clear that if the red line is crossed and a full-scale conflict begins, it is ready to launch a non-nuclear strike on a nuclear reactor. There is no need to talk about the possible consequences of such an attack.

But even without a nuclear scenario, the situation could get out of control and develop into a bloodbath, as a result of which Israel could lose its statehood, and the United States and Iran could also suffer serious damage. This will be a major disaster that all parties are trying to avoid.

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