Top Russian airlines. Aeroflot, S7 and Transaero?
Top Russian airlines. Aeroflot, S7 and Transaero.

Top Russian airlines. Aeroflot, S7 and Transaero.


One of the fastest ways to get from 1-th place to another is considered to be a trip by plane. However, you will notice that it is not in any plane can feel comfortable, since only some of them provide a safe flight conditions. From this we can conclude that it is necessary to choose an airline with particular vigilance, because it affects your further journey.
All-Russian Center, exploring public opinion, highlighted the main aspects of the flight: safety, efficiency and convenience of air travel.


On these grounds the favorites among the best airlines of the Russian Federation considered three Russian companies - "aeroflot","Siberia"And"Transaero".

The best in terms of safety, economy and convenience of flights, many citizens cast their voices to a prominent Russian airline, Aeroflot. 
Through opinion polls in recent years, most of the people in Russia use the offer of "Aeroflot" - 39% of respondents.
Siberia (S7 Airlines) receives silver in this category, with 20% of respondents taking advantage of its flights. 
Slightly less (18%) on Transaero flights. Much less often, residents of Russia took advantage of the offers of such airlines as "Utair"(9%)," Krasaero "(4%)," Atlant-Alliance "(3%)," Ural Airlines "(3%) and" Domodedovo Airlines "(3%)
Many residents do not emit any one airline, the flights are often enjoyed. They say that in the coming years does not carry out flights abroad, namely our companies.

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Long enough, the company has been the exclusive carrier in Russia. Her story began in the twenties of the last century, when the country's leadership, it was decided - "Dobrolet", whose tasks include the organization of air traffic and passengers. Soon the company was formed on the basis of the General Directorate of the Civil Air Fleet (Aeroflot).

Expansion and improvement of the Aeroflot airline was carried out at a rather fast pace and very quickly gained prestige within the country. In 1976, the company transported about 100 million people and received the title of "The largest company in the world"! Our planes flew around the world and made landings at airports on 5 continents. In the 90s of the 20th century, Aeroflot disintegrated together with the USSR into 300 companies. Many small companies have ceased their work, and the largest of them was named Aeroflot. Today the airline is the most significant airline in our country.

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This airline was founded in the late nineties. At the beginning of its operations, Transaero leased aircraft from Aeroflot and sold flights both within the Russian Federation and abroad. 

In a short time, "Transaero" began to carry out visits to the major cities strany.Takim, the airline became the second 1-private company, first in the Soviet Union, and then in our country.

The company also became 1-nd Russian company that started operation of foreign aircraft.
In 1993, the 2 of the Boeing 737 was leased by the airline, and two years later the Boeing 757-200. 
The park of foreign aircraft in the company significantly increased.

Today, the company is in the top three of the best carriers of the Russian Federation and takes pride of place.


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Siberia (S7 Airlines) 

This airline is considered 1-th in Russia according to passenger and 2-th by the volume of air traffic. It arose as the previous company 90-ies, based on the Tolmachevo airport. A couple of years later the company is privatized. "Siberia" is in the top of the largest carriers around the world.

At 2001, the airline acquires Vnukovo Airlines, thereby becoming the leader in the air transportation market. 
Soon, Siberia was the best company in the Russian Federation, which sells its tickets through a worldwide network. 

In 2006, Siberia leased all vessels of Perm Airlines. 

An analysis of the three most prominent airlines of our country was made. All of them have a high level in terms of customer safety, in terms of the types of aircraft being operated and also in terms of the route network. 

For several years, the domestic aviation market has maintained a good position, which reflects the process of resuming the industry after the changes of the nineties. 

The average period of 2002-6 Russian airline's annual passenger traffic increased size to 10% rise in the power of the economy to 6.7% per year. Apart from this, the pace of recovery of the market Russian airlines significantly outperformed the market throughout mire.Na date, all of these airlines firmly established, both within the country and around the world. We can assume that the Russian aircraft has a very high level in the near future to increase the number of numerically large and safest airlines.

I know well the plane because he is a good Aeroflot plane and S7 I think this is the norm but Aeroflot he is neat and it's old and it's better to come up with the Soviet Union Aeroflot GO!