On the celebration of the 70-year anniversary of the first flight of the legendary An-2
On the celebration of the 70-year anniversary of the first flight of the legendary An-2

Press release: On the celebration of the 70-year anniversary of the first flight of the legendary An-2 airplane



6 March 1946 year was established OKB-153 on civil and transport aircraft at the Novosibirsk Aviation Plant named after Chkalov. His main designer was Oleg Konstantinovich Antonov. The first task of the OKB was the agricultural aircraft SCA-1, later renamed An-2. 31 August 1947 year test pilot PN Volodin first lifted to the sky the first prototype of An-2, designated SCA-1. The plane performed two large laps at an altitude of 1200 meters and after landing 30 minutes landed.

JSC "Moscow ARZ DOSAAF", ATCK "MARZ DOSAAF" together with DOSAAF of Russia, FLA of Russia; AOPA Russia; ChelAvia; GVP "First Flight"; ASK "Aeroklassika", the Moscow Aviation Institute (MAI), with the support of the Balashikha city district administration, INVITE all aviators, all aviation enthusiasts, all caring people, all ages to celebrate the anniversary of the legend of Russian aviation of the An-2 aircraft! We also invite media representatives, bloggers, spotters, photographers to a unique event in the life of Russian aviation!

General information partner of the Society of Friends of the Air Fleet (ODVF), information and analytical department of ODVF. The holiday will take place at the Chernoe airfield of the Moscow ARP DOSAAF on September 2, 2017. (for the address and directions see below) Within the framework of the aviation holiday, demonstration flights of aviation equipment DOSAAF, AON, FLA are planned. The visitors will be offered a ground exposition of aircraft, master classes, lectures, interesting meetings for participants of the holiday of all ages, including children and adolescents.
A famous traveler Feodor Konyukhov is expected to attend, which will make an important statement about his further flights.


Holiday program:

11.00 - gathering of guests and participants of the holiday
11.30 - grand opening of the holiday
12.00-12.30 - performance of the national team of paratroopers
12.30-14.30 - flight program
14.30-15.00 - performance of aircraft modelers
15.00-18.00 - ground exposition of aircraft

Admission is free

Participants and visitors of the holiday will be offered hot meals, drinks, souvenirs and aviation paraphernalia, clothes from the Chkalov company, aviation literature. A children's playground will be organized for young participants of the holiday with the participation of the projects "Small airplane" and the Children's club "Aviator".
A special attention of the organizers of the holiday will be given to visitors who flew to their aircraft. For all boards will be organized reception and accommodation in the parking lot. You can fly in both 1 September and 2 numbers during the day. For the crews arriving on the holiday, an excursion to the International Maritime Register of Shipping will be organized, pilots will receive memorable valuable gifts.
Accommodation of crews arriving 1 September for overnight stay at their own discretion. Questions on fuel supply must be agreed with the leadership of the Moscow Arz. For all matters related to flights, material and technical support, contact the Moscow ARS DOSAAF:


Contact phone numbers:
The head of flights Kosukhin Victor Grigorevich:
+ 7 919 965 53 31, + 7 903 117 28 39
Organizational issues: + 7 (495) 522-91-83; 522-91-22
e-mail: Mail@marzdosaaf.ru; Market@marzdosaaf.ru

Accreditation for media, bloggers, spotters, site owners: Head of the Information and Analysis Department of the EFA Valery Smirnov
Tel: + 7 (981) 710-32-89, e-mail: Odvf@list.ru
JSC "Moscow Aviation Repair Plant DOSAAF"
Address: 143921, Moscow region., Balashikha, Fedurnovo village, ul. Air base, owner.7

Scheme and options for travel can be found here:
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On the celebration of the 70-year anniversary of the first flight of the legendary An-2