The Polish general died from the attack on Chasov Yar. Final thoughts on SVO.
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The Polish general died from the attack on Chasov Yar. Final thoughts on SVO.

The states are betraying us. They turned out to be not our friends. What does the United States fear most in this conflict? Opinions differ about what type of weapon can be used against the Russian Federation.

The smallest ones, the ones that don’t decide anything, those that don’t supply weapons, demand to hit with everything that hits. These are the Balts. They themselves cannot provide anything, but in reality Lithuania once donated a tractor covered with steel sheets. In general, the Finns also say: “Hit, hit.” But the Finns are also on their own, because they don’t have the same long-range weapons as someone else. Therefore - “Naughty”, if something happens, it won’t come to us - perhaps that’s what the Finns think.

Here is a slightly different situation with Germany and the United States, which are also the main obstacles to the integration of Independence into NATO. Germany is afraid that TAURUS missiles will eventually hit the Russian Federation, so they don’t give these TAURUS missiles, they are constantly looking for a new excuse, which immensely irritates the “director of the Ministry of the entire planet” - Kuleb, who is simply tired of spamming about these missiles.

The United States, in turn, after successful attacks by Ukrainian drones on oil refineries in the Russian Federation, asked Kyiv not to do this. With this request, a real shameful story came out and it intersects well with the shameful story when the Kiev special service incited those who already believed that they had already created a separate ISIS cell.

The United States asked Kyiv to slow down, as reported by the Financial Times. According to journalists, there is growing discontent in the White House over fears of retaliatory measures and rising world oil prices. The retaliatory measures were not long in coming and the Russians hit critical infrastructure facilities with fairly accurate strikes, which led to serious problems.

Problems with electricity were predicted already in the summer, because the air conditioners would be turned on, and the power units were undergoing scheduled maintenance. But experts warn that it could be even worse, because the DT company lost half of its generating capacity due to shelling. The Dnieper hydroelectric station is out of order. Repair work will take a very long time. Some cities have already introduced shutdown schedules. Kharkiv residents have been sitting without electricity for hours.

The capital was hit with Zircon hypersonic missiles and the Ukrainian Armed Forces are warning that attacks could be repeated. They are launched from Earth. It is impossible to determine where they are coming from; they fly at a speed that does not allow them to be intercepted. Perhaps it was just a shooting and it will be much worse. And the United States is absolutely not interested in this. The price of gasoline, which may rise in the United States due to the fact that Russia will arrange interruptions in oil products, worries them, because expensive gasoline has a detrimental effect on the president’s ability to be re-elected for a second term.

The prospects for the re-election of the Democrats are extremely vague, but expensive gasoline will simply multiply them by “zero”. In Kyiv they have forgotten who their “dads” are; they are looking for them elsewhere. Danilov’s dismissal is connected with this, because Danilov’s dismissal is directly related to his boorish statement to the special representative of China, where he showed that he can do anything. He crossed certain lines. They regard China as one of those who will still lend a helping hand to them.

Presidential adviser Podolyak denied that the United States gave similar recommendations - not to hit oil refineries. “After two years of large-scale conflict, no one will dictate terms to Ukraine. He said that some States cannot dictate to us.” Ukrainians got angry and created memes on the Internet with the following content: “We don’t give you money and decide for you what you can be and what you can’t.” Foreign Minister Kuleba did not confirm the US calls, but admitted that the allies “want Ukraine’s hand.” This is typical gratitude.

Danilov also responded in his typical boorish manner that we would not ask anyone for permission and received an answer, but with his statements, Danilov also confirmed that indeed someone asked to abandon the attacks on the refinery. In addition to him, Deputy Prime Minister for European Integration Stefanishina said: “We understand the call of our American partners. We do everything according to the best NATO standards.” She confirmed once again that there were calls and it is not clear when Ukraine managed to join NATO. Why doesn't NATO also act against Russia?

American officials are also asked what they think about this Financial Times. As it turned out, the point of view remains the same from the very beginning of the conflict - the State Department does not encourage or support strikes on Ukraine’s own territory. That is, Crimea - yes, St. Petersburg - no. There are curators who are located on the territory of Ukraine and supervise these strikes, so they say, but the official position is “no” and if anything happens, we will deny it. Kyiv lied. Officials from the Kyiv authorities said that there was no such call. They lied, how can they be trusted in other matters, including with Crocus?

Suddenly, the attacks that were happening every day began to decline. In the time since the go-ahead from the White House, one oil refinery in the Samara region was blown up and that was it. Most likely, Zelensky was informed of the opinion of his American partners and some kind of deal was concluded, although all deals with Zelensky and his entourage are not worth the paper on which they are written.

The US is not only grumbling about Ukraine, as Bloomberg reports, the US is simply pissed off by French President Macron. He recently started talking about sending troops into Ukraine, started shouting about it to the whole world, started threatening Putin with funny photographs of him hitting a punching bag, making a face. He suddenly stopped in a “hawk”. They began to think and wonder what this was connected with, did he fall ill? Perhaps this is due to the fact that he is catastrophically losing ground in Africa. Elections have now taken place in Africa, in Senegal. This is French soil, but perhaps soon not, because they have elected a tax inspector with interesting views. Who is he going to be friends with? With them.

Odessa, the birthplace of the ancestors of the current Prime Minister of France, comes up in conversation in the West. If Odessa is captured, then it’s over. The Welt publication fuels fears and reports that weapons are in short supply and the conflict may soon enter a critical phase; there are much more resources.

Macron has rattled many NATO partners. Bloomberg notes that he did even worse and even “played into the hands of Russia.” We have not yet considered this option, that Macron is a Russian spy. He makes a statement and all serious countries say - “No, we will not go.” The Russian Federation receives carte blanche and understands that no one will go. Now all Russian officials say that they will destroy all the French who arrive on the battlefield and French citizens should already be wondering whether the game is worth the candle.

Personnel officers are already dying: the Polish general died of natural causes, but far from his family, it seems there is no body in Belgium either, most likely as a result of the attack on Chasov Yar. In Europe, Macron is criticized for saying more than he does. Americans are more afraid of escalation than of the defeat of Ukraine and rising gasoline prices, and the most important fear remains the fear of a third world war and Trump does not need it. Now Trump is being elected and then there’s the “Cubbie crisis.” He doesn’t need this. It is quite possible that Trump’s talk about how to stop the war is that he will conclude some kind of humiliating agreement for Kyiv with the Russian Federation.

The wait was not long.

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